70 5mm Warm White Twinkle LED Icicle Lights

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  • 70 count Warm White LED Icicle Lights
  • Twinkle LED 5mm lights on a 7.5' White wire
  • Premium grade icicle lights with 15 drops
  • Hanging icicle lights outline rooftops and fence lines
  • Energy saving LED lights use less power, allowing more icicle strings to be connected together
  • LED lights last longer and are virtually unbreakable

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Energy Star Rated
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5 Stars

Reviewed by Jonathan P.
on Sunday, January 19, 2014

Warm White LED Twinkle Icicle Lights

I ordered 8 sets of these for the front eaves on our house. They worked flawlessly, even during the ChiBeria event of January '14.The only issue was that the twinkling bulbs in two of the sets had more of a strobe-light effect, whilst the other sets had a slower on-off effect. I checked the packaging and it was identical across all 8 sets, no mention of a strobe effect. But, as luck would have it, I happened to connect the strobe sets in the middle of the string so it looked fine. Not much else to say, they are well made and work well, great lights.

5 Stars

Reviewed by Rosemary D.
on Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Delightful twinklers

Love the lights, just the right thing for the front of our house. No problem, arrived shortly after order placed, lights as described.

5 Stars

Reviewed by Howard W.
on Friday, November 30, 2012

LED rules!

Two years ago, in frustration over burned out bulbs, I threw out my incandescent icicle lights, and decided to on day bite the financial bullet and upgrade to LED. I put the lights up last week, and am very happy with the purchase. The lights are brighter and sharper than the old lights, with the twinkle feature that my kids and wife really like. (I'd maybe suggest the twinkle having maybe two or three speed settings, which I'd switch to slower, but that's a very minor suggestion/issue.) Buy these lights, and you won't regret the decision. And, in a bunch of years they will save enough electricity to make up for the cost. Merry Christmas