Outdoor and Patio Lighting Ideas

String lights are a great way to spruce up outdoor space throughout the year for multiple occasions and purposes, from weddings to restaurant patios to private dinner parties. The type of appropriate lights go beyond the string mini lights, too, and include anything from elegant globe lights to LEDs.

Our best patio and outdoor lighting ideas include:

Backyard Lighting Ideas for Decks and Patios

Here are some lighting suggestions to make your outdoor abode more inviting:

  • Let the lights hang freely over pools and open areas by attaching lights, such as the Globe Lights, to opposite sides of fences, the home's exterior walls or poles.
  • For pergolas, streamline some A15 Clear Outdoor Patio Lights along the roof or wrap Mini Lights around the rungs and support columns.
  • Staircases on decks are perfect for Cool White Twinkle LED Icicle Lights or Mini Lights.
  • Add a bright, summery tone to your outdoor space with colorful lights without looking too Christmas-like by using the G50 Multicolor Party Lights.
  • If you have a chandelier or other type of central lighting, add string lights by meeting or crisscrossing them with the centerpiece.
  • String lights inside an umbrella stationed over a dining table or patio chairs.
  • Use a large trees branches to hang A15 Clear Outdoor Patio lights above a dining table for a rustic look for a dinner party.

Small Apartment Patios and Decks

Turn small patio space into a cozy, exciting outdoor pad with just a few lights.

Bistros, Cafes and Restaurants

Eateries are great for patio and outdoor lighting if you want to add just the right amount of ambiance.


String lights are an easy addition to give a magical touch to your outdoor wedding.

  • Brighten your "I dos" with Mini Lights at the alter.
  • If your special day is in an outdoor venue, such as a barn, Icicle Lights are perfect to hang from the ceiling.
  • As part of the centerpiece, stuff Battery-Operated LED Fairy Lights into mason jars to give each table an effortless, rustic look.
  • For a true fairy-tale feel, add Mini Lights to trees.


Patio and Party Lights

Patio and Party Lights

From white lights to multicolor party lights, find the string lights that best fit your outdoor space.

Shop for Patio and Party Lights

Globe Lights

Globe Lights

Give your backyard patio or outdoor wedding a relaxed, sophisticated look with globe lights.

Shop for Globe Lights

Icicle Lights

Icicle Lights

Don't forget to cool down with strings of icicle lights when the weather gets warmer.

Shop for Icicle Lights

DIY String Lights

DIY String Lights

Customize your outdoor string lights by choosing your own combination of lightbulbs and strings.

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