Globe String Lights

Globe string lights can easily turn any space into a lit oasis. Whether you prefer bright colorful lights of the soft glow of a clear bulb, globe string lights provide so many options! From white wire to green and black wire, multicolored bulbs, clear, or frosted white bulbs, the custom designing options are endless. Simply measure your space, decide what color and size light works for your space, plug in and go. Many globe light sets can string end to end to create a ton of lighting or use one strand for just a simple dash of luster.

Getting married this summer? Why not add the perfect accent lighting by adding a few globe string lights? Graduating? A graduation party is sure to run into the evening and night, so create a glowing ambiance that will let partygoers stay longer and enjoy the beauty of your backyard. Solar string lights are now available for those impossible to wire places where you require light. Camping, bombfires, or archways in the garden can blissfully lit with the power of solar powered garden lights. These beauties take no time to get up and going. Make sure the solar panel is in a bright place to charge and wait for these gorgeous lights to make their appearance as the sun goes down.

You can customize and create your own look by mixing and matching bulbs, wire colors, and even spacing between bulbs. Take the chance to make your backyard, deck, patio, or pool space a tropical paradise by simply adding globe string lights!