Premium Classics Trees

pre-lit christmas tree

Brighton Fir Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

  • Features: High Bulb and Tip Count, Sturdy Branches, Mixed Light/Dark Needles
  • Lights: Clear or Multi
  • Shape: Slender, Medium, Full
  • Sizes: 4.5' - 14'H
prelit artificial christmas tree


  • Features: Dark Green Branches, Graceful Silhouette
  • Lights: LED, Clear or Multi
  • Shape: Pencil, Slender, Medium, Full
  • Sizes: 4.5' - 12'H
Douglas artificial christmas tree


  • Features: All-Time Favorite Tree, Extra Space for Lots of Ornaments, Branches Approach Floor
  • Lights: Clear or Multi
  • Shape: Slender, Medium, Full
  • Sizes: 4.5' - 14'H
commercial christmas tree

Sequoia Commercial Christmas Tree

  • Features: Extra Thick PVC Needles, Commercial Grade, High Tip Count
  • Lights: Clear
  • Sizes: 7.5' - 14'H
Winchester christmas tree

Winchester Fir

  • Features: Thick Needles, Expanding Branches, Rustic and Full Appearance, Adorned with Pine Cones
  • Lights: Clear or Multi
  • Shape: Slender or Full
  • Sizes: 4.5' - 14'H
christmas tree - cumberland fir

Cumberland Fir

  • Features: Medium Green Foliage, Best Value
  • Lights: Clear or Multi
  • Sizes: 6.5' - 8.5'H
    pre-lit christmas tree

    Dunhill Fir

    • Features: Green mixed cone and pointed tips with long needles
    • Lights: Warm White LED or Clear
    • Sizes: 6.5' - 7.5'H
    christmas tree - hawthorne


    • Features: Lightly Frosted Tips with Red Berries and Pine Cones, No Decorations Needed
    • Lights: Clear
    • Sizes: 7.5' - 9.5'H
    Norway Spruce Tree

    Norway Spruce

    • Features: Nursery cut green tree with sturdy base and upswept branches
    • Lights: Warm White LED or Clear
    • Shape: Full
    • Sizes: 6.5' - 9.5'H
    The Premium Classics line of artificial Christmas trees feature high bulb and tip counts, brighter bulbs, stronger branches, sturdy metal hinged branches and thicker, more crush resistant needles to create a first class tree that you'll enjoy for years to come. All of these Christmas trees include a 10 year warranty with 3 years on lights. Your home and your family deserves a well constructed and well lit Christmas tree that will keep its beauty for years to come. Our Premium line of trees all offer unique features from elegant or full tree profiles to little or extra space for ornaments. No matter how you decorate, if you like a brightly lit tree with clear lights or the romantic hue of multi color lights, our trees will meet your needs.