Retrofit LED Light Bulbs

Retrofit LED Christmas lights offer greater durability, more opportunities for customization, and exceptionally longer life than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Retrofit LED Light Bulbs

What is a Retrofit LED?

LED replacement lamps, also referred to as retrofit LED bulbs, are light bulbs that fit in standard C7 (E12 socket size) and C9 (E17 socket size) stringers, making the transition from traditional incandescent lighting to energy saving LED Christmas lights easy and more affordable. Retrofit LED light bulbs are top of the line in quality and durability. They're also energy saving, cool to the touch, and feature a variety of colors and bulb shapes for complete customization of your holiday light displays.

Retrofit vs Prelamped LED Strings

LED Light Sets with Hard Wired Bulbs

While searching for C7 and C9 Christmas lights it is very likely that you will come across the phrase "prelamped LEDs" - this means that the bulbs are not removable from the string. Why is this important? The one piece construction of prelamped LEDs eliminates the possibility of water leaking into the bulb or string which means less chance of damage due to moisture buildup. Prelamped LED strings are also very convenient because they come ready to hang out of the package which makes for faster installation. Additionally, this type of light set is a budget friendly option for anyone who wants to make the switch to LEDs and does not plan on changing their light colors or display for several years.

Retrofit LED Bulbs & Stringers

Choosing LED light bulbs and stringers separately or pre made kits which have the bulbs and coordinating stringer already matched allows you to create a customized light display and change out the bulbs as needed. For example, if you want to hang C7 or C9 Christmas lights on your roof in the winter and then illuminate your back patio with globe patio lights in the summer, you can use the same string and simply swap out the Christmas light bulbs for globe lights with the same base size (usually E12 or E17). Although this method can be more expensive initially, the convenience of customization is worth the initial investment should you decide to switch up your light display.

To learn more about the different types of LED Christmas Lights available, visit our complete LED Light Guide!

Customization with Retrofit LED Light Bulbs

Color Themes- Displays that utilize retrofit LED light bulbs can be updated each season or varied by changing bulb color patterns. Instead of alternating bulb colors every bulb, try every 3-4 bulbs.

Popular Holiday & Christmas light Theme Ideas

  • Red and White Candy Cane
  • Classic Red and Green
  • Blue and White Winter Wonderland
  • Purple and Orange Halloween Lights
  • Pink and White for Valentine's Day
  • Sports Team Colors

Length and Spacing- Light strings can be cut to any desired length to achieve a clean, professional roofline or walkway. For more information and step by-step instructions,, visit our custom Christmas lights guide.

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