How to Make Custom Christmas Lights

By Eric Allen | Updated Mar 22, 2024
Creating Custom Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Customization Options

Splicing Means Different Things to Different People

Basic electrical wiring can often be cut. The wire coating can be stripped, exposing the copper wire within it and then that wiring can be connected to a corresponding wire using any number of techniques like twist-on wire connectors, butt/splice connectors or making a permanent connection with solder. These connections can be further protected by covering them in electrical tape, liquid tape or heat shrink tubing. The process for doing this once for a fix is pretty straightforward, but if you need custom Christmas lights that require numerous splice connections it can be overly time consuming and not advisable. Luckily, there's a much faster way of creating custom Christmas lights using zip plugs, zip cord and zip sockets.

The Power of Zip Plug Connections

Option 1: Purchase commercial light strings or spools with the sockets already attached in popular increments like 6, 12 & 18 inch bulb spacing. These wires can then be cut wherever you want the light run to end. Then you'll add either a male or female zip plug to the cut end to finish it off.

Option 2: Purchase bulk wire and sockets separately. Then install zip sockets at any spacing intervals you like along the wire. You can either end the wire with a socket or add a male or female zip plug to the end as needed.

How to Install Zip Plugs on a Wire

How to Create Custom Christmas Lights with Zip Plugs
How to Install Zip Plugs on a Wire

How to Install Zip Sockets

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