C7 / C9 Christmas Lights

  • Over 200 C7 & C9 bulb styles
  • LED or Incandescent
  • Multiple colors and finishes
  • Great for roofs,walkways,trees
  • Huge variety of C7 & C9 light sets
  • Hardwired and prelamped sets
  • Removable bulb sets
  • Commercial grade sets
  • Available from 10' to 1,000'
  • SPT1, SPT2 insulation options
  • Green, black, white & brown wire
  • Amazing selection
  • Huge selection of LED C7 & C9s
  • Faceted and smooth opaque
  • Commercial grade
  • OptiCore™ LED bulbs available
  • Hang C7 & C9 lights with ease
  • Affix to gutters, shingles & bricks
  • C7 & C9 clips make great displays
  • Universal light clips also available
  • Keep wires safely off the ground
  • Sizes from 4" to 15"
  • Great for contour lighting
  • Enables beautiful yard displays
  • Lights go on & off when you want
  • Wall and ground stake timers
  • Indoor/Outdoor rated
  • Must-have for enthusiasts
  • Indoor and Outdoor available
  • Medium Duty 6' to 80'
  • Zip cord up to 1000'
  • Multi tap options
  • Zip cord, zip plugs and sockets
  • Green, black, white & brown
  • Make custom extension cords
  • Make custom light strings

C7 & C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

You've probably wrapped them around trees in your home or used them to outline the peaks of your roof, and if you haven't decorated with them yourself, you've surely seen them setting the scene in your favorite classic Christmas movies... C7 & C9 Christmas lights are everywhere during the holidays! These popular bulbs are a nostalgia evoking hallmark of Christmas past and, thanks in part to LED technology, a constantly evolving decoration we'll continue to see in Christmas future.

C7 Christmas light bulbs have E12 bases and are smaller than C9 bulbs. Because of their small size, C7 bulbs are popular for use indoors and on smaller residences like condos and townhomes. C7 bulbs can be wrapped around indoor trees and used to illuminate a festive mantel display. Outdoor uses include wrapping columns, railings and small bushes or outlining windows and door frames.

C9 Christmas light bulbs have E17 bases and are noticeably larger in size and thus produce brighter light, which is especially eye catching from structures that are very tall or far away, and perfect for large scale holiday displays. While C9 bulbs are regularly used to outline roofs and driveways, these bold lights have also become a popular alternative to globe patio lights for use during outdoor events and everyday backyard patio lighting.

C7 & C9 Light Strings & Spools

Some holiday lighting projects present unique obstacles - the most common being unusual space measurements or configurations. Trying to figure out how many light strings you need while attempting to fit a string length that is either too large or too small into your space can be frustrating. Ready for the good news? There is a better way! E12 & 17 light strings and spools can be cut to create completely custom lengths for virtually any size space. Choose light strings and spools from 15-1000 feet in green, black and white wire colors with several socket spacing options to fit your needs. If you're trying to complete a DIY lighting project, outfit a large scale holiday light display or simply create neat lines along your roof, there is no shortage of selection here!

Understanding C7 & C9 Christmas Light Sets

C7 & C9 Christmas Lights Glossary of Terms

  • Prelamped LEDs - Bulbs are hard wired into the socket and cannot be removed

  • Commercial Prelamped LEDs - Bulbs are hard wired into the socket and cannot be removed; strings have coaxial waterproof connectors.

  • Coaxial Connectors - Connectors that fasten together to create water tight connections between light strings

  • Prelamped Incandescent Lights - removable bulbs are pre-installed on the strings

  • Commercial Stringers with Bulbs (kits) - Bulbs are separate so the bulb/string combinations can be customized as needed

C7 & C9 Christmas Light Sets

Premium LEDs with Hard Wired Bulbs

While searching for C7 and C9 light strings it is very likely that you will come across the phrase "prelamped LEDs" - this means that the bulbs are not removable from the string. Why is this important? The one piece construction of prelamped LEDs eliminates the possibility of water leaking into the bulb or string which means less chance of damage due to moisture buildup. Prelamped LED strings are also very convenient because they come ready to hang out of the package which makes for faster installation. Additionally, this type of light set is a budget friendly option for anyone who wants to make the switch to LEDs and does not plan on changing their light colors or display for several years.

Commercial LEDs with Water Tight Connectors

Commercial grade prelamped LED strings have coaxial connectors which creates water tight end to end connections between runs. Commercial prelamped bulbs are also brighter than regular prelamped LEDs and provide peace of mind for light installations that need to stay up for longer periods of time.

Bulbs & Stringers / Commercial Sets with Removable Bulbs

Choosing bulbs and stringers separately or pre made kits which have the bulbs and coordinating stringer already matched allows you to create a customized light display and change out the bulbs as needed. For example, if you want to hang C7 or C9 Christmas lights on your roof in the winter and then illuminate your back patio with globe patio lights in the summer, you can use the same string and simply swap out the Christmas light bulbs for globe lights with the same bulb base size (usually E12 or E17). Although this method can be more expensive initially, the convenience of customization is worth the initial investment should you decide to switch up your light display.

Walkway Lights

These pre made kits are identical to commercial sets with removable bulbs, the only difference is that they come with a coordinating light stake which allows them to be placed in the ground and used as walkway or pathway lights!

C7 & C9 Christmas Light Clips & Accessories

C7 & C9 Christmas Light Clips

You can hang C7 & C9 lights from a variety of surfaces with the help of Christmas light clips. One of the most popular options for hanging C7 & C9 lights is the All-In One clip which allows the bulbs to face multiple directions and can be used on both shingles and gutters. For step by step installation instructions and more information on which clip to use with your C7 & C9 bulbs, visit our Christmas Light Clips Guide!

Christmas Light Electrical Accessories

Electrical accessories including bulk wire (also called zip cord), zip sockets and zip plugs, are the building blocks you can fit together to create an incredible custom Christmas light display. Decide exactly how many lights you want to put up, pick the best light string and bulb colors for your project and custom tailor your entire light display to your specific needs.