Icicle Lights

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Classic and beautiful, icicle lights are a popular choice for Christmas and holiday lighting. Roof awnings, overhangs, peaks and windows are popular locations for hanging icicle lights and because the drops lay naturally, they create a professional quality display either hanging on angles or across straight lines.

TIP: If you need a large quantity of lights, consider investing in LED icicle lights. They last longer than incandescent lights and require minimal electrical planning since they use up to 90% less energy.

How to Hang Icicle Lights

A beautiful icicle light roof display starts with the right clip. Icicle light clips are one of the most versatile options for hanging icicle lights on either gutters or shingles. However, there are several other light clips you can choose from including All-In-One Plus, Omni All-In-One, and Gutter Clips. For instructions on how each light clip is installed visit our Christmas Light Clips guide.

Helpful Installation Tips

  • After removing icicle lights from the packaging, they will appear somewhat shorter than you might expect. Spend a few minutes gently tugging on each individual drop to help straighten out and elongate the light strings. Icicle lights have some natural waves to them, so if you can't get the drops completely straight, that's ok! They should also straighten over time as they hang.
  • Lighted length is measured from the first bulb to the last. Total length is measured from plug to plug.
  • Drop lengths are measured from the first bulb in the drop to the last. Some minor variations in drop length are natural as these are approximate measurements which can differ depending on the natural curvature of the strings
  • If you have extra length leftover after hanging your icicle lights, simply run the extra length back over the ends of the lines. The beauty of icicle lights is that they blend naturally together and can be layered to gorgeous effect!
  • If you need to create one long continuous run of icicle lights being powered on a single outlet, consider using LED icicles over incandescent. Depending on the light count and style, you can connect anywhere from 30-60 LED icicle lights together end-to-end, whereas most incandescent sets only allow between 3-5 strings to be connected on one run.
  • To temporarily install icicle lights on deck or porch railings, zip ties in colors to match your railing will work best. When using zip ties to secure light strings, leave a small amount of give when tightening the zip tie so as not to pinch the light wires. For long term installation or the ability to hang alternative light types through the year, consider using screw in hooks or clips to hang icicle lights on wooden railings and surfaces.

icicle light colors

Clear/white and blue icicle lights including new combination blue and white hues together on the same light string are the top choice for many Christmas decorators. Using blue or cool white colors in your outdoor Christmas lights display creates a snowy effect, which is very popular.

Icicle lights are available in a variety of colors and special color combinations, so if you're looking for red or green separately, or a special set that includes red and green lights on the same string, we've got you covered!

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icicle light color combos

Want to try something new and fun with icicle lights? Check out the latest color combinations that you can use for christmas, Halloween, July 4th, outdoor parties and events.

icicle lights color themes for holidays and events

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cascading icicle lights

The effect of dripping icicles and designer icicle lights are becoming more and more popular. They look unique and create scenes that are one of a kind. Try hanging cascading light tubes from porches and trees to give the effect of subtle motion, which adds exciting animation to your outdoor Christmas displays!

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Most Popular Icicle Lights

Enchanting Spaces

Traditional Icicle Lights

These stunning light strings will shine brightly and display professionally in any season, allowing you to create mesmerizing light displays!

Innovating & Captivating

LED Cascade and Snowfall Lights

Create a captivating display of moving light with animated Grand Cascade LED and Dripping Icicle lights.

Eye Catching Illumination

LED Icicle Lights

LED icicle lights are quickly making a name for themselves in the decorating world. They do more than hang along rooflines at Christmas and ...