Lighted Branches

Lighted Branch Designs

Traditional lighted branches have a very simple design with several small branches that start extending out at about halfway up their center stem. The simplicity of this lighted branch design provides an elegant way to add illumination to a room without needing much extra attention.

The standard lighted branch or twig light design is usually between 2 and 3 feet in total length which makes them great for adding to vases alone or with other accents, and incorporating into existing silk floral arrangements. In addition to the more traditional lighted branches, there are several specialty lighted branch designs that are versatile, fun, and a unique medium for creating amazing DIY decorations!

Lighted Branches

Starburst Lighted Branches - are a unique new style of lighted branches that are flexible, shapeable and surprisingly versatile. Starburst lighted branches are available with several branch length options and a large assortment of light colors including RGB LEDs which feature multiple preset color choices and combinations. You can create a variety of fun DIY decorations with starbursts including lighted floral arrangements, chandelier lights and even walkway trees! For more starburst decorating and DIY ideas visit our lighted branches decorating guide.

Falling Lighted Branches - Long cascades of light shoot out from the top of these lighted branches to create an arc of illumination that looks amazing when attached to a wall as a sconce light or used in a pot with greenery and floral accents. Choose falling lighted branches with cascade lengths from 3 feet to over 6.5 feet.

Cool White Falling Willow Lighted Branch
Cool White Falling Willow

Climbing Vines - have a sturdy 10 foot long center branch designed with dozens of additional smaller branches shooting off of it on both sides and hundreds of LED lights placed throughout. These lighted branches command attention on their own but look incredible when embellished with additional decorative accents. Attach climbing vine branches to a wall or flat surface with adhesive hooks and/or clips. Frame an archway, window or other architectural accent with climbing lighted branches. They also look amazing climbing up columns and are a gorgeous decoration for the fireplace mantel.

Creative Decorating With Lighted Branches

There are hundreds of imaginative ways to decorate with lighted branches, so to help get your creativity flowing, we've placed a few of our favorite ideas below. For even more lighted branch inspiration, visit our decorating with lighted branches guide!

Fill a Vase with Branch Lights

One of the easiest and most popular ways to decorate with lighted branches is to create a lighted floral arrangement. Place a small lighted branch, falling willow, or starburst into a vase or container and then add in a few silk floral accents and decorative picks. You can even bend the ends of a starburst lighted branch to hang ornaments and other items off of it. If your vase or container is clear, fill it with decorative glass gems or any other vase filler material available at your local craft store to hide the branch, floral stems, and light cord. Create themed lighted branch vase decorations for holidays, parties, and showers, or pick your favorite flowers and color scheme to create a beautiful ambient accent light for your home.

Starburst Branch Floral Arrangement
Christmas Arrangement
Spring Flowers and Lighted Branches
Spring Flowers Branch Arrangement
Patriotic Lighted Branches Floral Arrangement
Patriotic Floral Arrangement
Falling Lighted Branches with Ivy Vines
Falling Branches with Ivy

Starburst Lighted Branch Chandelier

Create a beautiful DIY chandelier using a starburst lighted branch! This is a beautiful accent light on its own or you can attach and hang decorative embellishments from the branches to create a unique decoration for Christmas, holiday parties, weddings and home lighting. Follow the steps below to create a DIY starburst chandelier.

  1. Pull the lighted branches up and out from the center stem so that they form a disc that lays flat if placed on the ground.The stem should be at the top as you will need it to hang and plug in your chandelier.
  2. Pull 4 or 5 branches straight down from the middle, opposite of the stem at the top. Bend the ends of these middle 4 or 5 branches to create U shapes.
  3. Continue pulling down a few branches at a time and bending each of their ends upward to create a U shape. The middle branches should point straight down and the others should be angled outward gradually toward the top where the remaining branches are still flat.
  4. When finished your chandelier should look similar to the undecorated chandelier picture.
  5. You could stop here and plug in your starburst or add decorations to your chandelier. Some of our favorite decorative accents to hang on a lighted branch chandelier are ribbons, floral stems, decorative clips and ornaments. You may also want to tie floral stems and picks further into the chandelier branches using decorative ribbons to add depth to your design.
DIY Starburst Chandelier Light
Starburst Chandelier Undecorated