Create a Glamorous Barbie Dreamhouse with Pink Lights

By Heather Perry | Updated Nov 3, 2023
Barbie Dream House Pink House

The holiday season is a magical time of year, and there's no better way to embrace the festive spirit than by transforming your house into a Barbie Dreamhouse with pink lights! Don't decorate for the holidays, but having a Barbie themed party? This design will work for that too! Whether you're a Barbie enthusiast or simply want to add a touch of Barbie to your home, this DIY project is sure to make you Kenough. Let's explore how to turn your house into a twinkling, Barbie Dreamhouse with our pink lights!

Gathering Your Materials

Before you embark on this dreamy project, it's important to gather all the materials you'll need. This will obviously include everything PINK! You can find these pink lights in various shades and styles, but for our Barbie Dreamhouse, we used the following products:

Planning Your Design

Every great holiday decorating project or theme party starts with a vision. Our Barbie Dreamhouse certainly did. Here's how you can plan your Dreamhouse transformation for your holiday decor or Barbie theme party:

  1. Choose Your Color Scheme: Pink lights are the start obviously, but consider adding other complementary colors like white or silver for variety. We did our roofline with the following combo: C9 pink faceted bulb, C9 pink smooth bulb, then C9 cool white faceted bulb. You don't have to follow that exact pattern. Take the time to plan your own and what you feel would look best for you!

  2. Design the Layout: Decide where you want the lights to go. Common placements include the roofline, around windows, along the balcony, and framing the entrance. We made sure to use all available space, but you can also grab some net lights and add a SoftTwinkle to your bushes and shrubs. If you want more helpful tips on this, visit our DIY Lights Planning page. The ideas are endless!

  3. Test the Lights: Before you begin, plug in the lights to ensure they work and to get a feel for their brightness. You want to make sure that every light is in the best place for optimal viewing.

  4. Safety First: You want to also make sure you won't be creating tripping hazards or blocking pathways with the lights when designing your layout. Look at all your lights and plan where you'll need wiring, and make sure you have the proper connections. For more helpful ideas on installation, visit our Christmas Lights Installation page.

Barbie Dreamhouse Pink LED Lights

The Transformation Process

Now, let's get to the fun part: turning your house into a dazzling Barbie Dreamhouse!

  1. Attach the Lights: Based on your layout and connections, start at one end and work your way around the Dreamhouse, securing the lights with clips or adhesive hooks. Be sure to evenly distribute the lights for a balanced and captivating look.

  2. Add Decorations: If you're feeling extra festive, you can decorate your Dreamhouse with mini ornaments, tinsel, or other holiday-themed items. These can be attached with small clips or adhesive hooks as well.

  3. Connect Power Sources: Use extension cords if necessary to reach the nearest power source. Conceal cords as much as possible for a clean look.

  4. Illuminate and Adjust: Once all the lights are in place, plug them in and adjust their positioning if needed. Make sure everything is secure and glowing beautifully.

Enjoying the Festive Atmosphere

Now that your Barbie Dreamhouse is aglow with pink lights, it's time to sit back and relish the joy and enchantment you've created. The transformation is sure to captivate anyone who sees it! Ready to transform your house or decorate your Barbie theme party into a dazzling Barbie Dreamhouse with pink lights? Visit our PINK lights page and shine!

Barbie Dream House Pink House
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