Christmas Light Clips & Hangers

save time and create, clean, professional displays

The secret to professional looking Christmas light displays is simpler than you think. Christmas light clips are designed to keep your lights neatly secured all season long, and they are easy to use! Clips come in a variety of different types for multiple hanging surfaces across many different bulb sizes. Kringle Traditions clips are made with durable UV protected polymers, ensuring your lights stay put no matter the weather. Cheap clips can break easier, come loose, and make roofline displays look sloppy. Plus, installing clips is easy, and they make Christmas lights easier to remove, which is why professionals across the US prefer commercial grade Christmas light clips. Spend less time decorating your house, and more time enjoying the holiday fun!

Eliminate Staple Guns, Nails & Damage to Your Home

It's time to put down the staple gun and nails when hanging up Christmas lights, and pick up some Christmas light clips. Staples and nails can not only damage your home, but your lights as well. These methods leave no room for making adjustments to lights once they are put in place.

Avoid the pain of staple holes or dead Christmas lights by using easy-to-install light clips. Clips come in a variety of different types fit for different surfaces, such as gutters, shingles, or even flat surfaces. And they're capable of holding many different bulb sizes from C7 and C9, Icicle lights, Mini Lights. Or use pathway stakes to create amazing driveway and walkway light displays!

Damaged Lights
Christmas Light Clips: The Best-Kept Secret in Christmas Lighting

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