Christmas Light Clips & Hangers

All in one accessories
Multipurpose/All-in-one Clips
  • The name says it all! With the right clip you can mount lights on a variety of hanging surfaces.
  • Browse our large selection of sturdy clips to determine the best option for your project.
  • Hang lights on gutters, shingles, clay roof tops, and even brick walls.
C7 & C9 Christmas Light Clips
C7 and C9 Clips
  • C7 & C9 light clips keep bulbs securely in place.
  • Choose from all in one clips, ground stakes, shingle tabs, gutter clips and more.
  • Easily create perfectly placed pathway and roof lights.
Icicle Mini Lights Accessories
Icicle and Mini Light Clips
  • This year display your icicle lights or mini string lights, and not their hangers!
  • Wide selection of all-in-one, adhesive, sculpture, gutter clips and more to tackle any hanging job.
  • Hang icicle lights from gutters and shingles or create a mini light motif!
C7 & C9 Christmas Light Stakes
C7 and C9 Stakes
  • Extend the beauty of your Christmas lights throughout the yard with C7/C9 light stakes!
  • Keep wires off the ground and bulbs securely in place.
  • Create lighted pathways at Christmas, weddings and events.
Hooks and hangers for all items
Hooks and Hangers
  • Hang wreaths, garland, lights and year round decorations securely with heavy duty hooks and hangers!
  • Select from door hangers, magnetic or suction hooks and brick clips for both inside and out.
  • Use hangers or hooks on windows, doors, railings and siding.
Greenery Installation Accessories
  • Gorgeous greenery displays begin with the right installation accessories!
  • Hook, tie or hang garland and wreaths from a variety of surfaces.
  • Line railings with greenery using garland ties or hang wreaths and decorations from doors and windows.

Mount all types of bulbs from C9 to mini lights on any type of surface from wood to brick. Hang Christmas lights from gutters, shingles, clay roof tops, and brick walls with the proper light clip. We carry a large selection of Clips, Hangers, Hooks, Shingle Tabs, and Stakes for all of your installation needs.