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Decorating with Christmas Pathway Lights

Want to add a festive or elegant touch to your next occasion? By using Christmas pathway lights and your imagination, you can create a welcoming area and guide guests around outdoor landscapes with ease. These commercial quality, long lasting, weather resistant pathway lights, will have your yard, outdoor gatherings and events glowing. From picking the perfect bulb to easy decorating tips, we're here to make your outdoor landscape lighting dreams become reality.

Decorating with pathway lights is a simple, clean way to add light to any outdoor event or area. Pathway lights will give you beautiful, lighted edging around your yard, walkways, garden contours and more. Whether you use playful multicolor lights or elegant warm white bulbs, we have plenty of ideas to help your decorating project come to life!

  • Line your driveway or pool patio area with LED Christmas pathway lights for an elegant source of light.
  • Guide a bride and guests to the ceremony with warm white globe pathway lights.
  • Add some color to your house this Christmas and outline your yard with multicolor pathway lights.
  • Use themed pathway lights, like purple and orange Halloween Lights, to add a festive glow to your yard for fun holidays!
  • Decorate with themed pathway lights such as red and white for candy cane, red and green for classic Christmas, or red, white, and blue patriotic lights.
Walkway Lighting Ideas for Christmas, Outdoor Parties and Events

Which Christmas Pathway Lights are Right For You?

LED or Incandescent?

Not sure about whether to purchase LED or incandescent pathway lights? The three main factors when deciding between these two light types are preference, price, and display size. LED pathway lights are the better option for a large display because they will save you on power, the setup is easier with less extension cords needed, and they're more reliable overall. There are also more color and style options available with LED lights, however they are also more expensive.

If you're on a budget, incandescent walkway lights can do the job, but they require more planning based on the size of the driveway, pathway or landscape you're lighting. When using incandescent lights you'll also need to take into consideration how many outlets and circuits you need available to power the display without tripping breakers. To learn more about electrical needs for incandescent Christmas pathway lights, visit our Calculating Wattage Resource Page.

Warm White or Cool White?

Warm white LED bulbs emit a golden glow that closely mimics the light tone produced by incandescent lights. They are commonly paired with red for a candy cane look. Cool white LEDs produce a bright white glow which is perfect for mixing with other colors and can be seen from greater distances in outdoor scenes. Popular color combinations for cool white LEDs include blue, red, and green. Cool white pairs well with silver accents, snowflakes, and winter wonderland themed displays as well.

Want to add some color but not an overload?

By using these color combinations, you will soften the look of multicolor. Have some fun this season and add a touch of color to your yard!

Which Light Stake is Right for My Project?

4.5" Universal: This commercial grade stake is tough enough to be hammered into the ground for secure decoration. It allows lights to sit low to the ground providing a neat display of beautiful standard C7 and C9 light strings.

7.5" All-In-One: Dependable and durable are a few qualities this stake has. The bulbs are able to sit up high off the ground for pure luminescence with moderate snowfall. It can be used with C7, C9, and mini bulbs for plenty of decorating options.

Fun Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Walkway Lights

Walkway Trees

Walkway Christmas trees are a cheerful way to decorate a pathway, porch, or event for Christmas! Having different options of LED or incandescent, multicolored and white/clear bulbs gives you the choice of creating a lively or more delicate scene to match your existing Christmas decorations. These trees can be used for any event or simply as a natural looking source of light. Place the trees inside urns for a potted plant look or place multiple trees in an open area to make your own mini lighted tree farm.