DIY Outdoor Lighting: The Secret Life of Rope Light

Go beyond the ordinary and learn 3 ways to use rope light in your next outdoor lighting project.

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Aug 24, 2022
Outdoor Rope Light Ideas

Rope Light Ideas For Outdoor Landscapes

Walkway Lighting with Rope Light
Walkway Lighting with Rope Light
Landscape Lighting with Rope Light

Select Your Rope Light

Walkway & Landscape Lights

Walkway Rope Light Supplies
Walkway Lighting Supplies

Lay your rope light down and make adjustments as needed until you have it positioned where you want it. Then, Insert your first garden staple at the end opposite the spool. If you are lighting a straight path you can space staples further apart, however if the path is curved you may want to use extra anchors to keep everything in place.

Rope Light Landscape Lighting
Garden Staples Secure Rope Light
Rope Light Landscape Lighting
Rope Light Installed Along Rock Wall

Install Rope Light Across a Deck

Deck Rope Light Supplies
Deck Lighting Supplies

Cutting Rope Light

How to Cut Rope Light

How to Install End Caps

Completed Rope Light DIY Projects

Walkway Lights

Illuminate a Walkway with Rope Light!

Landscape Lights

Brighten Landscapes and Rock Walls Using Rope Light
Outdoor Deck Lighting with Rope Light

Ambient Lighting

Outdoor Lighting with Rope Light
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