Unique Front Door Christmas Decoration Ideas Using SoftTwinkle® Lights

By Heather Perry | Updated Nov 10, 2023

Materials You'll Need

Getting Started

Step 1: Planning Your Design

Before you dive into Christmas door decorating, it's essential to plan your design. Consider how you want to arrange the SoftTwinkle® green and red lights, intermixed with the SoftTwinkle® cool white lights, to create a visually pleasing pattern with a classic Christmas look.

Step 2: Start with the Green and Red Lights

Begin by unraveling your SoftTwinkle® green and red lights. Secure the male plug end to the bottom of your door frame using a mini light adhesive clip. Then add a mini light clip to your next light and attach it to the frame. Repeat this step around the frame until your string light is fully attached. Your front door will come alive with soft fading halos of red and green light. But, if you want to add a little more festive style to your door, consider accenting it with cool white lights.

Step 3: Add the Cool White Magic

Unwind your SoftTwinkle® cool white lights. We recommend placing the cool white lights between the red and green. Attach the cool white lights with mini light clips to fill in the spaces between the red and green SoftTwinkle® lights. This combination will create a balanced and eye-catching display that's sure to impress this holiday season. Tip: The male plug of your light set comes with a stackable plug feature. This means you can plug your cool white light set into the backside of your red and green light set male plug. By doing this, it eliminates the need for a second extension cord!

Step 4: Finish and Enjoy!

There are many types of door decorating ideas for Christmas that will complement your SoftTwinkle® light display. Consider options like a front door wreath, floral picks, ornaments or small decorative Christmas trees that flank the doorway. In our example we used topiary trees with SoftTwinkle® green and red lights.

Front door Christmas decorating with SoftTwinkle® green and red lights, SoftTwinkle® cool white lights, and mini light adhesive clips can turn your entryway into a mesmerizing beacon of holiday spirit. With a little planning and creativity, your door can transform to be an inviting display that is warm, fun and friendly. Make this holiday season unforgettable with a beautifully adorned front door Christmas decoration scene that welcomes all with open arms and soft twinkling lights.

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