Live Your Coziest Life With Bedroom String Lights!

We hope you're wearing your comfiest loungewear, because this post is all about making you feel more cozy!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Aug 2, 2022
Cozy bedroom lighting: wrap string lights around a hanging chair!

The Best Bedroom String Lights

LED Mini Lights for Bedrooms

String Lights Wrapped Around a Headboard

Bedroom Fairy Lights

Reading Lamp Using a Fairy Light Bulb!
Fairy Light Bulb Reading Lamp for Bedroom
Fairy Light Garland Wrapped Around Topiary
Fairy Light Garland Wrapped Around a Faux Plant

Novelty String Lights for Bedroom Use

Unique Bedroom Lighting

Where Should You Put String Lights in Your Bedroom?

The list below includes some of our favorite ideas for bedroom string lights, but there's really no limit to where they can go! If you're attaching string lights to bedroom walls or the ceiling, we recommend using adhesive hooks and clips for easy removal. But if you want a more permanent display, screw-in hooks, nails, and various other hardware can be used - your choice!

Curtain Lights Hanging Behind a Bed
Hang Curtain Lights Across Walls
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