Twinkle Lights / Animated

Dancing Displays

Twinkle Christmas Lights

Sprinkle magic into your light displays with twinkling Christmas lights! Twinkle lights are popular for indoor and outdoor decorating and are beloved for adding subtle animation to holiday displays. The beauty of twinkling light strings is in their random design. Not every bulb goes off at the same time which makes the lights appear to be dancing across a surface instead of blinking abruptly. Twinkle Christmas lights can be used anywhere you would decorate with steady lights to add an extra bit of liveliness to your holiday displays. If you already have C7 or C9 light bulbs on the roof, replace a steady bulb with a twinkling one in every 2nd, 3rd or 4th socket to make your holiday light display look fresh without having to purchase an entirely new set of lights! Or, if you already have steady mini lights to wrap your outdoor tree trunks, purchase an extra set or two of twinkle lights in the same color or an accent hue. Then, wrap the twinkle strings on top of the steady ones around your tree to add just a touch of shimmer to your outdoor display. In addition to twinkle mini lights and C7 or C9 bulbs, twinkling Christmas lights are also available as net lights and icicle lights to outfit all of your indoor and outdoor spaces with sparkling illumination!

Alluring Animations

Chasing, Falling & Color Change Lights

Twinkling Christmas lights aren't the only way to add excitement to your displays. There are also chasing mini lights, cascading and falling icicle lights, and color change lighting options available. Chasing mini lights are different from twinkling light strings because they have a built in controller that lets you adjust the speed of animation.

Cascade light tubes and life-like falling icicle lights mimic the look of falling snow or shooting stars by using LEDs that "drip" down in a spellbinding display of brilliant light. These animated lights can screw into standard E12 or E17 stringers depending on the base size you choose and look amazing hanging across the porch or from tree branches.

Last, but not least, if you want to add a truly mesmerizing effect to your holiday displays, color change Christmas lights are a necessity! Color change bulbs morph from one color to the next to create a light display that is ever changing and incredibly eye catching.