The Unexpected Magic of Starburst Lighted Branches

Starburst lighted branch faux floral arrangements and DIY chandeliers are visually striking during the day, and transform into an unforgettable accent light at night.

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Apr 30, 2020
DIY Lighted Branches Chandelier Hanging Above a Patio Entertaining Area

Starburst lighted branches are the most unique and versatile lit decor you will ever use. We can say this with confidence because these humble twig lights continue to surprise us with their creative potential! Starbursts are designed with dozens of equally sized branches shooting out from a single stem and bright LED bulbs are positioned at the end of each offshoot. They're avaialble in four different colors: white, silver metallic, gold metallic, and brown, with either warm white or cool white lights to complement pretty much any setting you put them in. Each branch is incredibly flexible, allowing starbursts to be reimagined into a variety of shapes to create one-of-a-kind DIY decor for your home, office, or special events.

You can place starbursts in a vase almost straight out of the box and they'll look amazing without much effort. You can also spread out the branches to create a light ball, or spend a little extra time shaping them to resemble a chandelier. Each of these easy to accomplish configurations looks striking on its own and will add wow factor to any room. Add faux florals and decorative accents and this DIY project can be taken to an entirely new, glamorous level with endless decorating possibilities. This unexpected alchemy is the true magic of starburst lighted branches.

4 Ways to Display Starburst Lighted Branches

DIY Floral Arrangement

This faux floral arrangement is incredibly simple to make. You'll need a vase or decorative container, a starburst light, vase filler to hide the stem and power cord if your container is see through, silk floral stems, and decorative picks or sprays. You may want to take your starburst with you when picking out a vase or container to make sure it has a wide enough opening and can support the weight of the lighted branches. Once you have all of your supplies, follow the steps below to create a DIY floral arrangement!

  1. If your vase or container is see through, start by filling it about halfway full with a vase filler such as marbles, decorative stones, or preserved moss. Don't fill the entire vase as you'll need room for the stem of the lighted branch
  2. Place the stem of your starburst down into the vase, and make sure the light cord is coming out of the vase at the back. Add extra filler around the starburst stem and cord as needed.
  3. Gently spread the lighted branches apart to evenly fill the opening of the vase
  4. Place your floral stems in between the lighted branches to fill in the gaps. You can also bend the ends of some of the branches into curves to hang ornaments from them.
  5. Now, plug in your starburst and enjoy your DIY lighted branch and faux floral arrangement!
Starburst Lighted Branch DIY Flower Arrangement
Starburst Floral Arrangement

Make a DIY Chandelier with Lighted Branches

Using a starburst lighted branch you can create a DIY chandelier which looks gorgeous on its own. Take this basic design a step further by attaching and hanging decorative embellishments from the branches to create a unique decoration for every day home lighting, weddings, and special events. Some of our favorite decorative accents to hang on a lighted branch chandelier are ribbons, floral stems, decorative clips and ornaments.

How to Make a Chandelier Using Starburst Lighted Branches

  1. Pull the lighted branches up and out from the center stem so that they form a disc shape. This disc should lay relatively flat if placed on the ground with the stem part of the starburst pointing upward. The metal ring located at the end of the stem will allow you to hang your chandelier later.
  2. Pull 4 or 5 branches straight down from the middle, opposite of the stem at the top. Bend the ends of these middle 4 or 5 branches to create U shapes.
  3. Continue pulling down a few branches at a time and bending each of their ends upward to create a U shape. The middle branches should point straight down and the others should be angled outward gradually toward the top where the remaining branches are still flat.
  4. When finished, your chandelier should look similar to the undecorated chandelier picture shown below.
  5. You could stop here and plug in your starburst or you can add decorations to your chandelier using floral wire, ribbons, and zip ties.

Scroll down for more starburst decorating tips based on what we learned from our experience working with this unique style of branch light!

Undecorated DIY Starburst  Lighted Branches Chandelier
Undecorated Starburst Chandelier
DIY Chandelier Faux Floral Arrangement Made with Starburst Lighted Branches
Starburst Decorated Chandelier
DIY Lighted Branches Chandelier Hanging Above a Patio Entertaining Area
Floral Chandelier Looks Amazing Above an Outdoor Entertaining Area

Floral DIY Chandeliers for Every Season!

There's magic to be made in every season with starburst lighted branch DIY chandeliers. You can create one chandelier and change out the decor for holidays and events, or whenever you want to refresh the style of any room in your home. You could also use different starburst colors to accent the different seasons: white for spring and summer, brown for fall, and gold or silver for winter and Christmas. As soon as we got our hands on starburst lights, we couldn't stop coming up with fun ways to decorate them. We shared a few of our favorite creations for the changing seasons below.

Warm Weather & Weddings

Nature puts on its best show during spring and summer with an abundance of vivid colors and textures filling our landscapes and gardens. This is the most beautiful and striking time of the year and we wanted our warm weather chandeliers to match the beauty surrounding us during this time. For spring and summer display, fill your starburst lighted branches with a variety of colors and textures to create a beautiful faux floral arrangement during the day that unexpectedly morphs into a visually striking accent light at night. For weddings, add extra shimmer by hanging pearls and crystal accents from some of the chandelier's branches.

Rose Gold & White Wedding Decor -  DIY Flower Chandelier
Rose Gold Wedding Chandelier
Garden Blooms DIY Floral Chandelier
Garden Blooms DIY Floral Chandelier
Fall & Halloween

Warm colors and a sense of coziness surrounding us are the feelings evoked by fall. With Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrated in this season, there's plenty of opportunity to explore your creative side when decorating your DIY chandelier light. Choose flowers in earth tones of orange, crimson, and green to match the changing leaves outside or dive into your darker side with creepy crawly critters for a Halloween themed chandelier. Brown starbursts blend right in with the natural color palette of fall and RGB lighted branches will give you a variety of colors to choose from for enchanting Halloween displays. Wondering how we made those pumpkins appear as if they're floating in mid air? The trick is to tie fishing wire around the stems and then attach that to the lighted branches!

DIY Fall Decor - Lighted Branches Chandelier with Pumpkins!
Pumpkin Themed Chandelier
Witchy Chandelier Light - DIY Halloween Decoration Idea
Witchy Halloween Chandelier
Winter & Christmas

Winter and Christmas is when we all let our inner decorator go crazy to create magic across our homes. This season is all about shimmer & shine. You can create extra sparkle by hanging glitter ornaments and crystal snowflakes from the branches of your starburst chandelier - the reflection of dancing light is like a show in itself!

Winter Wonderland DIY Christmas Decoration - Lighted Branches Chandelier
Winter Wonderland Chandelier
DIY Christmas Decoration - Red & Gold Lighted Branches Chandelier
Red & Gold Christmas Chandelier

Tips for Working with Starburst Lighted Branches

Starbursts are really easy to work with and decorating them is pretty straight forward. We can say this from experience because we've created and decorated a lot of these DIY chandeliers. Through experimenting with a variety of materials, we've also learned a lot about the best and easiest ways to work with this unique lighted branch type. To make sure you have the smoothest experience possible, we've compiled our best tips for decorating starburst chandeliers for you here.

Hang it First - If you plan on decorating your chandelier, you may find it helpful to hang your starburst from somewhere easily accessible so you can walk around it while adding on the decorative elements.

Plan Your Theme - Walking into the craft store with rows and rows of faux flowers and decorative picks can be overwhelming. Before you head to the store, come up with a basic plan for the colors you want to use in your design. Most craft stores sort their flowers by color, so this plan will help you to avoid distraction. That being said, if something unexpected catches your eye in those aisles of flowers, you can always divert from the plan - experimentation and unexpected finds have led to some of our most visually appealing chandelier designs!

Work from the Inside Out - We recommend working from the inside out when adding decorations to ensure even coverage and a beautiful display from all viewing angles.

Use Zip Ties For Long Term Display - zip or cable ties will hold the stems of faux florals in place better than floral wire and ribbons, but you may not be able to easily remove the decorations later. If you decide to use cable ties, make sure you pull them tight enough to hold the decorations, but not so tight that the light wires become pinched.

Full Looks Better - After decorating dozens of chandeliers, we have found that the ones that look the best from up close and far away are those that appear to be overflowing with faux florals and decorative accents. Look for BOGO sales on floral stems at your local craft store - this is the best way to fill out your chandelier without busting your budget!

Balance the Weight of Decorations - If you choose to hang ornaments or other decor items from the U shaped branches of your chandelier, keep in mind that you will need to balance the weight evenly around your chandelier to avoid it from hanging lopsided.

Do you have a DIY chandelier or lighted branch decorating idea you want to try? Tell us about it in the comments - we can't wait to hear your creative ideas!

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