Wide Angle 5MM LED Lights

Cast a halo of light in every direction with the increased illumination of 5mm wide angle LED bulbs. These concave wide angle lenses disperse light evenly creating a uniform lighting effect no matter how you look at them!

Spend more time creating and less time worrying thanks to the enhanced safety features and energy saving benefits of wide angle LED lights. With a patented one piece construction eliminating moisture corrosion and Energy Star™ qualifications, 5mm LED light strings are a safe, hassle free option for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Upgrade from traditional incandescent mini lights by using 5mm mini lights, and enjoy bulbs that stay lit longer. Use these fiercely luminous lights in a variety of colors, sizes and features to add brilliant glow to holiday displays and social occasions.

LED mini lights are virtually unbreakable; they can handle winter weather and scorching heat while still continuing to shine brightly and maintain their brilliant colors. Use 5mm mini lights with stackable plugs are for wrapping banisters, greenery, and mantels. For crafts and smaller projects, choose shorter LED mini lights with no end connectors. These versatile lights are designed to last 100,000 hours, so they are sure to delight friends and family for many years.