Christmas Light Balls

Decorating with light balls for Christmas can be as simple as hanging one or a few spheres in varying colors and sizes or as complex as creating an entire forest of floating orbs. The beauty of this easy to install outdoor Christmas decoration is not just in the display, but in the multitude of creative possibilities.

There are two kinds of light balls, each with their own distinct personalities.

Starlight Spheres are completely covered in star-shaped petals and each petal has a light at the center which creates the effect of a glowing orb - the illumination is stunning! The attached hanging string and S hook make starlight spheres an easy decoration to hang just about anywhere!

Folding Light Balls can be hung and displayed on the ground or standing in a planter, garden or indoor space. The durable metal frame folds flat for convenient storage and assembles in just seconds. The light ball frame is outlined with vibrant LED lights and the open design provides flexibility for several DIY possibilities, like creating a Christmas themed flower ball.

DIY Christmas Flower Light Ball

Gather Your Supplies

Make Your Christmas Light Ball

  • Your light ball will come out of the box flat. Simply expand the rings and connect to create an instant sphere.
  • Next, attach the greenery garland to the inside of the light ball frame, covering as much of the interior as possible. We used zip ties to secure our greenery and flower stems, however floral wire can also be used. With either method, avoid pinching the light wires surrounding the ball by only securing stems to the metal frame.
  • Once your greenery is in place, begin attaching the flowers to the interior and exterior frame of the ball. We chose to use hydrangea blooms to fill the interior of the ball where there were gaps in the greenery and placed our accent flowers, berries and pinecone stems around the exterior of the ball.
  • Plug in and enjoy your new decorative accent light!

For detailed instructions and more botanical ball ideas, visit our DIY Flower Christmas Light Balls page.

Light Ball Decorating Ideas

Light balls are a very popular outdoor Christmas decoration, however there are plenty of fun ways to decorate with light balls during every season! We've placed some of our favorite light ball decorating ideas below.

  • Hang starlight spheres, folding light balls and decorative lighted stars in various sizes to create a starry night themed light display in your yard!
  • Place folding light balls throughout your yard or garden
  • Use spring or fall themed flowers to create a DIY flower light ball for every season!
  • Place light balls in planters with botanical accents for lighted topiaries
  • Hang small starlight spheres from shepherds hooks as walkway lights
  • Decorate with red, white and blue starlight spheres for a patriotic display
Hanging Light Balls
Light Balls Hanging From Tree Branches