Rope Lighting Guide

Rope light is the flexible and creative solution to a variety of illumination needs.

By Eric Allen | Updated Feb 28, 2022
Rope Light Guide

Creative Rope Light Ideas

Before we cover the basics, you might be wondering what rope light can be used for. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor applications to consider. A few of our favorite rope light uses include creating backlit bookcases, kitchen cabinet lighting, holiday decorating, and outdoor landscape lighting.

Incandescent or LED Rope Light?

Rope Light Diameter

Wire Count

When working with rope light, the wire count needs to remain consistent through all light runs and any accessories being used. 2 wire is the most popular choice for steady light. 3, 4, and 5 wire rope light allows for animation and special effects when paired with a controller.

12V or 120V?

120V is the most common type of rope light and is ideal for most indoor and outdoor lighting projects where an electrical outlet is accessible. 12V (DC) rope light is an alternative option for parade floats, bikes, boats, and low voltage landscape lighting because it uses a converter or battery for its power supply.

Rope Light Motifs

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