Rope Light

Rope Light

Rope light is a flexible, outdoor rated PVC tubing with light bulbs spaced evenly on the inside. This light style is popular for creating ambient interior lighting under cabinets and along recessed ceilings. Rope light is also a versatile solution for outdoor landscape lighting as well as holiday decorating. Large rope light spools can be cut and connectors added to create custom design configurations. Convenient pre-cut kits are also available for quick plug and play type installation projects. For more information on working with rope light, visit our how-to guide.

Quickly decorate for parties, events, and holidays by wrapping tree trunks and columns with rope lights.

Rope light flexibility and durability makes it ideal for outlining walkways, pathways, and landscape contours.

Large Christmas and holiday light displays are best suited for decorating with highly efficient LED rope light.

Use rope light as accent lighting for deck railings, stairs, and indoor projects such as under-cabinet lighting.

For large lighting and design projects, especially outdoors, professionals and home DIYers alike prefer the convenience of rope light spools. These 150 foot spools of tube lighting can be cut at pre-designated cut marks using a sharp cutting instrument. After the preferred length of rope light is cut from the spool, a variety of connectors, sealants, and power cables can be used to create any number of display configurations. Each rope light spool comes with multiple sets of basic powering and connecting accessories to get you started and a variety of specialty accessories are also available for projects with very unique design requirements. Ready to cut your rope light spool? View our rope light cutting instructions for more information.

18 foot rope light kits are a convenient and beautiful out-of-the-box solution for a variety of small-space lighting projects. The kits include mounting clips and screws. 18' rope light sets can be used to create word art, small decorative displays, pathway lighting and more. If you need more for a slightly bigger project, 18 foot rope light kits can be connected end-to-end.

Mounting clips and channel tracks provide permanent & semi-permanent options for affixing rope light to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Connectors allow you to create custom designs and configurations by joining two or more rope light sections together.

Create water tight connections between different runs of rope light and at the ends of each section with rope light sealant accessories.

Power cords and extension cables are available in multiple sizes for convenience when running power to your rope light projects.

Rope Light FAQs

Can rope light be cut?

Rope light spools can be cut using the indicator marks located on the tubing itself. Indicator marks are typically represented by either a dashed line or a scissors icon. This is the only place rope light should be cut. 18 foot rope light kits CANNOT be cut.

How is rope light mounted or secured to a surface?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your specific project. Some common mounting techniques for rope light include the use of mounting clips and crocodile clips which are designed specifically to hold light tubes. Garden staples or U stakes can be used for landscape applications where the ground is permeable. Rope light channels are available for creating straight lines such as in under-cabinet lighting applications, and zip ties can be used when working with shapes or framework.

What are the differences in rope light wire count?

Wire count indicates the number of wires running through a rope light tube. 2 wire is the most popular choice for steady light display. 3, 4, and 5 wire rope light allows for animation and special effects when paired with a controller. When creating multiple rope light runs, each run and any accessories used should have matching wire counts.

Which voltage should I choose?

120V is the most common type of rope light and is ideal for most indoor and outdoor lighting projects where an electrical outlet is accessible. 12V (DC) rope light uses a converter or battery for its power supply and is typically used for parade floats, bikes, boats, and low voltage landscape lighting.