Climbing Vine Lighted Branches 3D Wall Art

Step away from that wall paper and put away your stencils. This lighted branch 3D wall art will command attention and add that missing "wow factor" to any room!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Mar 26, 2020
Create 3D Wall Art with Climbing Vine Lighted Branches!

Climbing vine lighted branches are designed with a sturdy 10 foot long center branch with dozens of additional smaller branches shooting off of it on both sides, and hundreds of LED lights placed throughout. This style of lighted branch commands attention on its own and you can intensify the wow factor even further by embellishing it with additional decorative accents.

Creative Uses for Climbing Vines

You can use adhesive hooks and clips to secure climbing vine lighted branches to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Flat surfaces typically work best, but we have been able to secure climbing vines to brick and textured siding using multiple hooks rated to hold extra weight. If you're working outdoors with your lighted branches, make sure the clips and adhesives you use are rated for outdoor applications.

Climbing vines look beautiful on their own, however if you want to add a pop of color to your design, you can intertwine the vine with greenery garland or faux florals and even hang lightweight ornaments from its many branches. We've created the list below to highlight a few of our favorite places to display climbing vine branch lights. Leave us a comment with your ideas on where it would be fun to decorate with lighted vines!

Where You Can Display Climbing Vines

  • Indoor or Outdoor 3D wall art
  • Wrapped around columns
  • Framing windows and archways
  • As a Christmas mantel decoration
  • Decorating a wedding arbor or gazebo
  • Around your front door (click here to see ours!)
Climbing Vine Lighted Branch Christmas Wall Art
Christmas Wall Art
Climbing Vine Lighted Branches on Columns & Archways
Accent Columns & Archways
Climbing Vine Lighted Branches Vase and Greenery
Vase with Flowering Vines
Lighted Branches Christmas Door Decoration
Christmas Door Decoration
Climbing Vine Lighted Branches - 3D Wall Art for Home Office
3D Wall Art for Home Office

DIY Spotlight: Climbing Vine Christmas Door Decoration

This DIY Christmas door decoration is incredibly unique, entirely unexpected, and guaranteed to spread cheer through the neighborhood all season! To decorate our door shown below for Christmas, we attached two white climbing vine lighted branches with warm white lights around the door frame using outdoor rated adhesive clips. You could also use clear tape or a strong removable adhesive for this project. To keep the thick trunk of the vine in place, brad and cable staples can also be used. Regular staples are an option for anchoring the smaller branches coming off of the trunk, however this could cause damage to the light wires or the wood surrounding your door - for these reasons we highly recommend trying one of the adhesive options listed above first if at all possible.

After the vine was securely in place and we had each branch positioned where we wanted it, we attached a simple green eucalyptus garland to the center stem and then began layering in decorative accents, ornaments, and poinsettias by attaching them to the vine using floral wire and hooks. Our door is covered by a porch, however if your door is directly exposed to the elements you will need to use decorative items that are rated for outdoor use or they may not hold up through the season. To create a polished finish and hide the stem of our lighted branches, we placed matching potted trees on each side of the door. Our red and white design is just one theme idea, however there are thousands of possiblities for the colors and embellishments you could use here!

Climbing Vine Lighted Branches Christmas Door Decoration
Climbing Vine Lighted Branches Christmas Door Decoration
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