Willow Lighted Branch Faux Floral Arrangements

Channel your inner creative side with willow lighted branch faux floral arrangements - a simple and surprising way to elevate your design game in any room of the house!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Mar 27, 2020

At first glance, you might be unsure what to do with a falling willow lighted branch. Straight out of the box, you might even plop it on your head and pretend it's a stylish new hairdo (we know because we tried it). But if you take just a moment to spread out each tendril and then turn it on, you'll discover a design like the gentle curves of a weeping willow and a visual light display that mimics the arc of a glittering waterfall. If that sounded a little poetic, blame this willow light - it gives off such a cozy atmosphere you'll be channeling your inner intellectual and creating masterpieces by the light of its glow too!

Now that you've spread the willow branches apart and maybe even contemplated giving it all up to finally start that novel, there's a lot of potential here for what you could do next. Hanging a willow tree light on a wall like it's a sconce seems like the most obvious first choice for display, and it's a beautiful option. For us though, the most exciting willow light display idea is also one of the easiest - no tools required! Simpy place a willow lighted branch in a floor vase and you'll have a gorgeous decorative accent during the day and an atmospheric light display at night. It's a unique and easy way to elevate the decor in any space. Some of our favorite locations and uses for willow lighted branch faux floral arrangements are listed below, but if you have other ideas, leave us a comment to let us know and we just might add yours to the list!

Where to display lighted branch floral arrangements:

  • entryway or foyer
  • cozy bedroom lighting
  • sunroom
  • porch decoration
  • patio lighting
  • special event decor

Beautiful during the day...

Lighted Branches and Ivy Faux Floral Arrangement

Exceptional at Night!

Lighted Branches and Ivy Faux Floral Arrangement

How to Make Willow Lighted Branch Faux Floral Arrangements

This floral decoration is incredibly simple to make. You'll need a tall floor vase or other container of your choice, a 36" or 48" falling willow lighted branch, vase filler if your container is see through, silk floral stems, and decorative picks or sprays. You may want to have your lighted branch with you when picking out a vase or container to make sure it has a wide enough opening and can support the weight of the lighted branches. Once you have all of your supplies, follow the steps below to create your floral arrangement!

  1. If your vase or container is see through, start by filling it about halfway full with filler (you can find a variety of vase fillers online or at your local craft store). Don't fill the entire vase as you'll need room in there for the stem of the lighted branch.
  2. Place your lighted branch stem down into the vase, and make sure the power cord is coming out of the vase at the back. Add extra filler to the top of the vase if needed.
  3. Gently spread out the branches to fill out the top of the vase
  4. Place your floral stems in between the lighted branches to fill in the gaps. You can also wrap vining flowers around the branches to create a variety of height elevations.
  5. Plug in and enjoy your DIY lighted branch floral arrangement!
Faux Floral Arrangement Ideas
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Patriotic Floral Arrangement
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Will you be creating a faux floral arrangement with lighted branches? Tell us about your design in the comments and tag us in photos of your finished masterpiece!

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