C7 C9 Christmas Light Sets

Pre installed C7 & C9 bulbs allow for quick installation. Opt for the convenience of incandescent sets with removable bulbs for ease of replacement and added customization, or the patented one piece construction for rugged durability available in LED. Safely connect up to 87 strings of energy efficient LED lights safely to save time and hassle in finding extra extension cords and outlets. Rest assured that if one bulb goes out the rest stay lit for both LED and incandescent C7 and C9 light strings.

C7 lights are the ideal size to trim a tree or outline the yard, and C9 bulbs are popular hanging on rooftops and to wrap large outdoor trees. Find light strings with various spacing and socket options to customize your light displays this season. The hang-and-go benefit of C7 & C9 sets means quick, worry free installation for any outdoor project!