Commercial LED C7 Replacement Bulbs

If youve fallen in love with the traditional look and energy efficiency of C7 LED lights and you want to create a custom design and change it up every year, then C7 LED replacement bulbs are the ultimate money saving option for you!

C7 LED replacement bulbs are available in a full spectrum of vibrant colors and styles including twinkle bulbs, dripping icicles and color change options. Energy saving C7 LED replacement bulbs screw into standard C7 sockets and have an average lifespan of 60,000 hours. LED bulbs are virtually unbreakable; hang these durable lights outdoors with quick, damage free installation! Not only does this save you time, youll experience significant money savings when you dont have to replace broken bulbs.

Buying C7 bulbs and stringer separately means unlimited freedom in designing your traditional Christmas display. Trim an indoor tree in red and green C7 bulbs this year and then change them out for a blue and white tree next year! Maybe you want a solid color roofline this year and next year you want icicles? There are no limitations when you choose C7 LED replacement bulbs!

C7 LED bulbs or strings?

LED lights offer energy savings and long lasting, durable lighting. C7 LED bulbs are lit using up to 3 diodes per bulb for high lumen output. Strings, twinkle and color change bulb contain 1 diode per bulb. Installers often choose bulbs due to the ease of customizing lighting projects, and speed in replacing a single bulb versus a full string when needed. C7 light strings are ideal for quickly wrapping outdoor trees and bushes.

Popular C7 LED applications:

Walkways, low or smaller rooflines, and indoor Christmas trees are some of the common C7 applications. Secure bulbs to ground stakes or hang lights for a clean, professional appearance through the use of light clips. C7 bulbs help your business look its best.

Why installers choose light spools

Installers love to purchase spools and light bulbs separately for the freedom in customization, and the ability to reuse light strings as needed on multiple projects. Amp capacity and SPT rating options, wire length, color, and bulb spacing all play a role in completing light projects to spec, and we offer a wide variety all year. Get the job done quickly and correctly with light stringers and spools, and don't forget the zip plugs if you plan to splice and customize.