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LED C9 Replacement Lamps

These new C9 LED replacement bulbs fit standard C9 sockets and have a lifespan of 60,000 hours. C9 retrofit replacement bulbs are available in Premium and Commercial grades to stand up to professional and home applications. LED lights have advanced to include twinkle LEDs and color changing bulbs. Compare LED Light Sizes
Why choose C9 LEDs?

C9 LED Christmas lights are the most popular choice for outdoor decorating. Made of a durable epoxy plastic, C9 LED lights are virtually unbreakable and come in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Made with high quality in mind, C9 LED lights boast of the one goes out the rest stay lit technology.

Application of C9 Lights

Use C9 LED lights in many applications. Hang on the roof line, fence line, and line walkways and driveways with the large, vibrant bulb that can be seen even from the road. Create custom light strings with C9 replacement bulbs and stringers and spools, or plug many C9 LED light strings together to save on power consumption.