Light Up Your 4th!

Net Lights and Tree Wraps

Wrap your bushes, trees and shrubs in a warm, illuminated blanket of light this winter and experience uniform lighting and hassle free installation! Net lights and trunk wraps allow for quick, even coverage of natural outdoor greenery creating brilliant landscape lighting with ease!

We offer commercial grade lights, and trunk and column wraps in a variety of colors and styles to suit your unique decorating needs. Choose from wire colors in green, white and brown as well as energy efficient LED and traditional incandescent lighting options.

Not only are net lights an exceptional option for outdoor Christmas light displays, they are also an elegant lighting choice when creating magical, illuminated spaces at weddings and special events! Brighten a walkway of bushes, illuminate a hedge and create a forest of brilliant, mesmerizing light when you opt for professional quality lights to bring your outdoors to life! Net lights can also be draped along walls for bright backdrops, or hung across ceilings and wedding tents to create a look of radiant stars above.

Net lights allow for quick, even coverage of bushes. Unique wedding lighting ideas use webs of light to hang from ceilings and against walls to create light backdrops.

When are net lights best?

Use Christmas for even, fast coverage of bushes that are similar in size and shape. Our nets can be plugged end-to-end for consistent lighting and offer the same light technology as our light strings, with one light goes out the rest stay lit technology. 22 wire gauge, fused/stackable plugs allow up to 210 watts to be connected, and 420 watts for commercial grade 20 gauge wire.

What are tree wraps?

Tree wraps are designed specifically for trunks, branches, and columns. Wrapping trees with lights can be done using Christmas light strings or trunk wraps. Trunk wraps are specific measurements of length x width, so opt for light strings if projects include trees with varying heights and widths.