How to Hang Christmas Lights on Gutters

By Jason Abney | Updated Aug 24, 2021
How to Hang Christmas Lights on Gutters

Create a Plan for Hanging Christmas Lights On Your Gutters

Measure First

It may be helpful to sketch a basic diagram of the outside of your house when planning your lights to visualize the hanging surfaces and outlet locations. This sketch may also help you to determine which lights and clips will be best. If your house has horizontal eaves, measure around the base of the house to get a rough estimate of the roofline. If your home has peaked eaves and gutters, you may need to use a ladder and tape measure to obtain accurate lengths.

Calculate Christmas Light Wattage

Gather Your Supplies

Popular Lights for Hanging On Gutters

Which Light Clip is Best?

gutter clips hang christmas lights in any direction
Gutter Clips

How to Hang Christmas Lights Across Gutters

  1. Attach a gutter clip for Christmas lights to the base of each light in the direction you plan for your them to hang.

  2. Place your ladder on the side nearest your outlet. This is where you will begin hanging your lights.

  3. Plug a strand of lights into an extension cord long enough to reach from the outlet to the edge of the roof with enough slack for the extension cord to follow a path along the ground against the wall upwards, then vertically up to a corner of the roof line. Set the male end of the extension cord near the outlet and check that it stays in place as you climb upward to your roof.

  4. Attach your first light clip beside the extension cord to the edge of the gutter.

  5. Keep your light string fairly taut as you continue to clip each bulb across your gutter. You will need to reposition the ladder as you go so be sure not to overextend yourself or shift your balance away from your ladder.

  6. If necessary, plug a second light string into the first. Then continue to clip your light bulbs in place as you did with the first.

  7. When you come to the end of your gutter, either run the remainder of the strand down the side of your house or continue upward to your peak. Light caps or electrical tape can be used to cover unused sockets, protecting them from the elements.

Hanging Christmas Lights Along Peaks

hang christmas lights across peaks
Christmas Lights Hanging Across House Peaks
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