Glowing Tomato Cage Ghost DIY Halloween Decor

This cute DIY Halloween decoration can be made in under an hour and is fun for the whole family!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Oct 18, 2022
Glowing Tomato Cage Ghost DIY Halloween Decor

This easy DIY Tomato Cage Ghost emits an otherworldly glow and is a perfect addition to your fall porch. DIY Tomato cage ghosts look great haunting a Halloween themed porch, but they can also be placed inside as an attention grabbing conversation piece during your Halloween party. Keep scrolling for a quick tutorial on how to make your own!

What You'll Need to Make a Glowing Tomato Cage Ghost

Most of the supplies you'll need to create this DIY Halloween decoration can be found online or at your local stores for home decor, gardening, & crafts.


SoftTwinkle® LED Lights Create A Ghostly Glow

You could use battery operated lights for this DIY halloween decor project, but we chose to use warm white SoftTwinkle® LED icicle lights instead. If the icicle lights are unavailable, SoftTwinkle LED mini String lights will also work. These SoftTwinkle light strings pulse on and off gently, so they aren't flashy like most twinkle lights.

Instead they add a subtle motion effect to this spooky little ghost decoration. It's an eye catching & fun DIY Halloween decoration for kids & adults!

How To Make This DIY Ghost Decoration:

  1. Flip the tomato cage upside down so the prongs are upright
  2. Zip tie the prongs together (optional)
  3. Slide the foam ball onto the prongs as centered as possible.
  4. Zip tie the female end of the light string plug to the top of the tomato cage near the head to keep it secure.
  5. Wrap the lights around the outside of the cage like you're wrapping a tree trunk. You can use zip ties or twist ties to keep the wraps secure if the light string is sliding some.
  6. When you reach the end of the light string, zip tie the male end to the bottom of the tomato cage. Run an extension cord to the plug for power.
  7. Drape the white fabric over the top of the ball making adjustments as you go until it looks how you want.
  8. You can use safety pins to make the fabric fit tighter around the head and to secure the fabric from blowing around too much in the wind.
  9. Use a stencil or free-hand draw ovals on the black foam for the eyes and mouth.
  10. Draw two smaller ovals on the white foam for the centers of the eyes.
  11. Carefully cut out all of the ovals.
  12. Glue the white ovals for the eyes to the black ovals for the eyes, then glue the eyes and mouth onto the ghost's head as centered as possible.
  13. Weigh the bottom of the tomato cage down with a rock or brick to help keep it stable during windy weather

Now you have a spooky & cute DIY lighted ghost decoration!

It's Easy to Make This DIY Tomato Cage Ghost!
DIY Tomato Cage Ghost Assembly
Making This Cute DIY Tomato Cage Ghost Halloween Decor Is Really Easy!
Tomato Cage Ghost Finished!
Glowing DIY Tomato Cage Ghost Easy Halloween Decor Idea
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