Decorating Magic with LED Fairy Lights

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Aug 24, 2021
Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas

LED Fairy Lights Style Guide

Top 5 Fairy Light Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Table Centerpiece with Fairy Lights and Ornaments
Christmas Table Centerpiece with Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights Icicle Chandelier
Fairy Lights Icicle Chandelier

Wedding Decorating with Fairy Lights

Fairy Light Storage

Proper storage is essential to increasing the life of your fairy light strings. The thin light wire can become easily tangled with other objects or around itself if thrown into a box with other decorations. To prevent tangles and ensure your fairy lights are ready to use straight out of storage, find a cylindrical object to wrap them around. An aluminum snack can works great for this. Place the fairy lights battery pack inside the clean can and then wrap the lights tightly around the outside and secure the end with a small piece of electrical or residue free tape. You can also wind fairy lights around a few of your fingers to create a circle and then place the battery pack and wound up lights inside of a can or plastic bag, just make sure the light ends are secured so they don't unwind in storage!

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