Decorating Magic with LED Fairy Lights

By Kelli Harvey | Updated May 21, 2021

Fairy lights are tiny yet surprisingly bright, beautiful, incredibly easy to work with, and can go almost anywhere...with so many endearing qualities combined, we suspect they might have a little magic in them!

Pour a glass of eggnog and explore the charming world of fairy lights with us. We have a feeling once you see the amazing selection and decorating ideas we've gathered, you'll be ready to put a spell on your own holiday decorations and DIY craft projects with our enchanting inspirations!

Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas

LED Fairy Lights Style Guide

Fairy lights are tiny LED bulbs on a thin, flexible metal wire. They are available in a full spectrum of fun colors and the ability to bend makes fairy lights perfect for use with craft projects and indoor decorating. Most fairy lights are battery operated with timer functions, however some have plug in adaptors as well which makes them able to adapt to a large variety of locations and decorating situations. In addition to traditional fairy light strings, there are several specialty fairy light styles available.

Top 5 Fairy Light Christmas Decorating Ideas

The thin flexible wires of fairy lights let them hide inconspicuously around existing decorative items or stashed inside tight spaces and allow for a multitude of design possibilities. We've highlighted a few of our favorite fairy light Christmas decorating ideas below.

1. Decorative Jar or Container Fairy Lights- Place LED fairy lights in a decorative jar or vase to create a lighted centerpiece or Christmas mantel decoration. Add faux snow, ornaments or other decorative adornments as filler - not only will they look gorgeous, but they'll hide the battery pack too! This idea also works well for other holidays. Fill a vase with decorative flags and red, white and blue ornaments for a patriotic themed fairy light display or green fairy lights, spiders and purple, orange and green ornaments for a spooky Halloween centerpiece!

Christmas Table Centerpiece with Fairy Lights and Ornaments
Christmas Table Centerpiece with Fairy Lights

2. Illuminated Wreaths and Garland - This idea is so easy! Just wrap fairy lights around a holiday wreath or garland to add a bright glow that can be turned off with a flip of the battery pack switch! Garland cluster fairy lights are especially beautiful wrapped around greenery.

3. Lighted Christmas Shadowbox or Snow Globe - Make a winter wonderland themed scene contained inside a shadowbox or create a Christmas snow globe using bottle brush trees, Christmas village pieces, faux snow and battery operated LED fairy lights. Hide the fairy lights underneath faux snow or poly-fil to create the look of a glowing wonderland. Then place tiny trees, a snowman, Santa and his reindeer or other figurines on top to create a charming Christmas village scene!

4. Glowing Holiday Chandelier - Wrap fairy lights around a wire wreath frame and secure the battery pack to the frame using electrical tape or zip ties, then wrap the frame loosely in a sheer fabric leaving some space to add decorations. From here hang icicles, snowflakes, ribbons and ornaments from the frame, then tie a couple of ribbons of the same length on each side to create a way to hang it. Now just turn on your fairy lights and enjoy!

Fairy Lights Icicle Chandelier
Fairy Lights Icicle Chandelier

5. Fairy Christmas Light Balls - Create Christmas light balls by wrapping a grapevine sphere in fairy lights. Then hang your light balls from tree branches or place them in planters on each side of your front door as lighted topiaries. If DIY isn't your style, you can purchase pre made metal frame fairy light balls in a variety of colors!

Wedding Decorating with Fairy Lights

In addition to the holiday decorating ideas above, there are a variety of ways to use fairy lights to illuminate a wedding ceremony and reception! The battery pack is convenient for easily lighting areas without the need for plugs and the thin wires hide perfectly against florals, linens and sheer fabrics. LED fairy lights can be hidden inside of lanterns, mason jars, colorful glass vases and more to create table centerpieces or lighted aisle markers. Illuminate a cake table or guest book signing table by placing fairy lights underneath sheer linens or laying them on top of the table. If placing fairy lights on top of a table, the key is to make them look like part of the decor by creating natural curves with the flexible wire. Fairy lights can also be woven through bouquets and flower arrangements or used to outline wedding frames and signs. Are you a bride to be? Visit our wedding lights guide for more decorating ideas to illuminate your big day!

Fairy Light Storage

Proper storage is essential to increasing the life of your fairy light strings. The thin light wire can become easily tangled with other objects or around itself if thrown into a box with other decorations. To prevent tangles and ensure your fairy lights are ready to use straight out of storage, find a cylindrical object to wrap them around. An aluminum snack can works great for this. Place the fairy lights battery pack inside the clean can and then wrap the lights tightly around the outside and secure the end with a small piece of electrical or residue free tape. You can also wind fairy lights around a few of your fingers to create a circle and then place the battery pack and wound up lights inside of a can or plastic bag, just make sure the light ends are secured so they don't unwind in storage!

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