Make A DIY Terrarium Light - No Green Thumb Required!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Apr 8, 2021
DIY Terrarium Light Ball

We used faux succulents to make this DIY terrarium, so there's no maintenance or risk of over or under watering. And, as a bonus, it doubles as a reading lamp! The light ball can sit up on its own or it can be placed on a stand or in a planter to add more height. You can even hang it by the attached hook and add in some trailing succulents for a truly whimsical display!

Making a terrarium is easy and requires no tools, which means this project is kid friendly too! Once complete, a DIY terrarium light ball will look beautiful in any room and it can even be used to add a warm glow to outdoor living and dining areas. Leave us a comment to let us know if you're going to make one of these homemade terrariums, and when you're finished, share your completed projects with us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see all the creative ways you're using your DIY terrarium lamp!

DIY Terrarium Light Ball
DIY Terrarium Light Ball

Here's How to Make a DIY Terrarium

What You'll Need:

  • 8" LED Light Ball - These mini Christmas light balls fold flat so they don't take up much room in storage and there's a built in hook at the top so you can hang them easily if you want.
  • Faux Succulents - Pay attention to the sizes of the succulents, especially if you're purchasing them online. If they are too big, you won't be able to fit them into the light ball, and if they're too small they could get lost in the moss. The succulents we used range in size from 2-3". Additionally, if you plan to hang your DIY terrarium, look for trailing succulents that can spill out and flow over the sides of the frame as the ball hangs.
  • Spanish Moss for Crafting - It's a little messy to work with, but we tried several kinds of craft moss and this worked the best to create a solid floor for supporting the succulents.
  • Additional Decorative Touches - river rocks, crystal points, turtle figurines - use your imagination!
  • Zip Ties or Floral Wire - If you plan to hang the DIY terrarium, or if it's going to be displayed in an area where it could get knocked over, zip ties or floral wire may be needed to secure decorative items to the light ball frame.
How to Make a DIY Terrarium Light

Make a DIY Terrarium in 4 Steps:

  1. The light ball will arrive flat. After pulling the metal frame into a ball shape, leave a gap in the frame to make it easier to reach inside while decorating.

  2. Create a dense "floor" in the bottom of the light ball using the spanish moss. This will be a messy process at first, but once you get the moss packed in, it should stay put. If you have a hand vac, keep it close by so you can clean up as you go.

  3. Next add your succulents. If the stems of the faux succulents are long, trim them using wire cutters or sharp scissors so they sit level in the moss.

  4. At this point your DIY terrarium could be considered complete, or you can add any extra decorative items you like.

That's it! This might be the easiest DIY project you ever create and the end result is a gorgeous nature inspired lamp that will look amazing anywhere in your home!

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