LED Cascade and Snowfall Lights

Create a captivating display of mesmerizing light with animated Grand Cascade LED and Dripping Icicle lights.

Grand Cascade LED light tubes and falling icicle bulbs can be used in C7 and C9 stringers to create an effect of falling snow and dripping icicles as each diode lights up and descends. Long lasting bulbs with corrosion proof bases illuminate rooflines and trees for an average of 60,000 hours.

Hang Grand Cascade LED light tubes and falling icicle Christmas lights along the roof, or suspended in trees to create a lively Christmas display.

What are Grand Cascade lights?

Grand Cascade refers to a light display that simulates falling snow at random speeds, or a meteor affect. Grand Cascade LED tubes come in a pack of five and are available in three different lengths with a variety of colors. Falling Icicle lights are single bulbs with an icicle texture mold and differing diameters, available only in cool white.