C7 / C9 Christmas Light Stringers

C7 and C9 Christmas light strings and spools are great for indoor or outdoor Christmas displays where larger bulbs are desired. For smaller projects, choose precut strings ranging from 25 to 150. For larger projects, choose 1000 spools that allow you to cut custom lengths for your roofline, outline your yard, or for any project you have in mind. Strings and spools work with both LED and traditional incandescent C7 or C9 light bulbs, or any bulbs with E12 or E17 bases. Green and white wire are available to best match your application. Use with commercial light clips or lawn stakes to finish projects with a professionals touch.

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Make custom cuts of wire using zip plugs and wiring accessories, and add length with extension cords.

What are stringers and spools?

Stringers and spools are ideal for lighting large spaces. Available in 25' stringers up to 1000' spools, stringers and spools come ready to use with empty sockets. Stringers feature UL Recognized Components, weep holes in sockets for water drainage, and options in amps, wire insulation, and socket spacing. E12 Candelabra bases fit C7 bulbs, while E17 Intermediate bases fit C9 bulbs and many other party lights. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Can I cut spools into custom lengths?

If looking to create a custom length of stringer or spool, simply splice the wire. Splicing, or cutting, can occur anywhere on the string so long it is then finished. Use a zip plug at the end of the wire, whether male or female, to plug into outlets or create end-to-end runs. Make sure to take amperage into account and do not let bulbs exceed the amp capacity of the stringer or spool wire.

Do strings and spools come with plugs?

Most stringers include both a male and female plug. Spools need plugs added to wire when cut. Zip plugs are also known as vampire plugs and easily clamp onto wire. Male zip plugs power directly into standard household outlets.