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C7 Christmas Lights strings and spools can be used to outline walkways using stakes, or attached to the roofline of smaller homes and building using light clips. C7 light strings use standard E12 sockets to screw C7 bulbs and any other shape bulb with a candelabra base. Choose from multiple SPT ratings, amp capacity, bulb spacing, length and socket count options. Use low wattage LED lights for longer runs, or screw incandescent bulbs in.

What are stringers and spools?

Stringers and spools come in sizes from 25' to 1000'. Great for large decorating projects, C9 spools fit E17 Intermediate base bulbs from Cascade Lights to traditional incandescent C9 bulbs. Create custom decorating projects with stringers that work with incandescent and LED bulbs. Choose smaller socket spacing for a close grouping of bulbs or larger bulb spacing for commercial projects that require the coverage of a large area. Sockets include weep holes for water drainage, preventing corrosion.

Can I customize my spool length?

Splicing, or cutting stringers and spools, is the best way to decorate custom projects. To splice the wire to a custom length, measure the wire, cut it at the predetermined location, and place a zip plug on the end, creating a female or male plug for outlets or end-to-end runs. Any color or style bulbs from incandescent to LED can be chosen for these spools, so decorating for themes, whether for sports teams, breast cancer awareness, or weddings, becomes easy.

What is the difference between SPT1 and SPT2?

Light stringers and spools are available in SPT1 and SPT2 wire, which is the insulation covering the copper wires within the cord. SPT rating refers to the thickness of the wire itself, and how much current it can safely contain. Typically SPT1 wire is rated for 7 amp, and SPT2 is rated for 10 amp. When connecting wire end-to-end and using zip plugs for custom lengths, SPT rating needs to remain consistent.