C9 Bulbs

Choose from a wide variety of C9 Replacement Bulbs, with brass and nickel bases. These larger Christmas light bulbs are old fashioned for use in trees, and a best seller for decorating the roof. Find twinkle, transparent, frosted and LED retro bulbs in every color. C9 Christmas lights screw into E17 sockets.
Why choose C9 Christmas lights?

C9 bulbs and prelamped light strings are popular along larger rooflines and tall buildings, or wrapped around Evergreen trees. C9 bulbs offer light that can be seen from a distance.

Prelamped vs C9 replacement bulbs:

Prelamped strings come with removable bulbs already screwed in, and bulbs and stringers are available separately for customized color themes, rooflines, and easy application and maintenance. Stringers and spools have weep holes for water drainage, with options in socket spacing. Choosing bulbs allows for greater flexibility in light projects.

Which light stringer is best?

Installation and design projects often require a lot of customization, and choosing bulbs and stringers or spools is the way to go. Spools are popular when a lot of projects are in the forecast. Bulb spacing, wire color, amp capacity, and wire gauge options make our selection of light stringers and spools better than the competition. Find what you need and please your customers with every project.