LED Christmas Lights

LED Mini Lights

  • LED Mini Christmas Lights replace incandescent mini lights, saving you time and money.
  • Available in a variety of bulb sizes: 5mm, M5, G12 and C6.
  • LED mini Christmas Lights are ideal for decorating bushes and wrapping trees, posts or railings.

C7 / C9 LED Christmas Lights

  • C7 and C9 LED Prelamped Light Strings and Retrofit Bulbs
  • Energy Saving LED Bulbs burn brighter
  • Colors range from Warm White to Red, Blue, and Multi

LED Net Lights

  • LED Net Lights for trees and shrubs
  • 4' x 6' Nets on Green Wire
  • Many colors and prices

LED Icicle Lights

  • LED Icicle Strands hang from rooflines and railings
  • Energy Saving LED icicle lights stay cool to the touch
  • Choose from warm and cool white lights for ambiance

LED Cascade and Snowfall Lights

  • LED Cascade Lights work with C9 sockets, Falling Icicles work with C7 sockets
  • Designed to emulate falling snow
  • Automatically randomized lights

LED Christmas Decorations

  • LED Decorations for Christmas
  • LED Snowflakes, Stars, Santa, Elves, Lightshow Trees
  • Save energy with brighter long lasting LED lights

Commercial LED Christmas Lights

  • Commercial LED Christmas lights and strings
  • 5MM, M5, C6, C7 and C9 LED string lights with heavy duty wire
  • Find bulbs and more for custom lighting

LED Rope Light

  • Energy Saving LED Rope Light Kits and Spools
  • Lengths from 30' - 153'
  • 12 LEDs per foot offers more lights than metered packing
  • Numerous uses and applications from artistic to commercial

LED Light Show Trees

  • Features: Amazing Lightshow Trees with 9 effects
  • Lights: White, Blue, or Multi LED
  • Sizes: 4' and 6'

Battery Operated LED Lights

  • Battery Operated LED Light Strings
  • Longer lasting LEDs keep batteries running longer
  • Bulb Color and Wire Color options

LED Christmas Lights save you time and money. Look for ENERGY STAR qualified LED strings and experience superior energy efficiency and long life in a product that outperforms the traditional mini light. Convenient installation and exceptional brightness are the hallmark of quality LED Christmas lights, and we offer the best in holiday LEDs for all your indoor or outdoor decorating needs.