LED Christmas Lights

LED Mini Lights
LED Mini Lights
  • LED Mini Christmas Lights replace incandescent mini lights, saving you time and money.
  • Lights available in a variety of bulb sizes: 5mm, M5, G12 and C6.
  • Ideal for decorating bushes and wrapping trees, posts or railings.
C7 C9 LED Christmas Lights
C7 / C9 LED Christmas Lights
  • Traditional C7/C9 look with all the benefits of LED: energy efficient, durable, long lasting lights.
  • C7 and C9 LED Christmas Lights available in prelamped sets or replacement bulbs.
  • Popular uses include lining walkways, roofs and decorating evergreens.
LED Net Lights
LED Net Lights
  • LED Net Lights provide quick and easy installation and professional looking displays.
  • Vivid colors in 5mm or M5 bulb shapes, and as net or trunk wraps.
  • Great for lighting your bushes, tree trunks and columns.
Grand Cascade Falling Icicle Lights
LED Cascade and Snowfall Lights
  • Simulate falling snow with the dripping LED light effect of Grand Cascade lights.
  • Colorful cascading lights and molded icicle bulbs.
  • Use as outdoor Christmas lights to create eye catching displays.
LED Christmas Decorations
LED Christmas Decorations
  • Bring the brightness of LEDs to your Christmas light decorations.
  • Choose from lighted snowflakes, stars, elves and Santa, all in vivid LED lights.
  • Hang from trees or place in the yard for the best outdoor Christmas displays.
LED Icicle Lights
LED Icicle Lights
  • Safely connect 10 times more icicles lights on one plug with energy efficient LED Icicle lights.
  • White or color lights in 5mm, M5 and snowflake shapes.
  • Popular choice for rooflines, accent lighting, and as wedding lights.
RGB LED Strip Light
LED Strip Light
  • Choose from three shades of white for ambiant lighting or RGB multicolor LED strip light for ultimate customization.
  • Safe and dimmable low voltage LED lighting
  • Easily mount to any surface with included 3M adhesive backing
Blue Rope Lights
LED Rope Light
  • Illuminate large spaces with long runs of LED rope light that stay cool to the touch.
  • Brilliant hues in more than 15 colors with chasing or steady light.
  • Outline walkways, buildings and rooms, wrap railings and posts, and shape into letters or signs.
Commercial LED Christmas Lights
Commercial LED Christmas Lights
  • Commercial LED strings feature water tight sealed connections and heavier gauge wire for the most dependable performance.
  • Bulb sizes include C7, C9, 5mm, M5 and more.
  • Use with commercial LED accessories for custom projects.
LED Light Show Tree
LED Light Show Trees
  • Bright LED lights add sparkle with minimal power consumption.
  • Sizes range from 4' to 12' with several color options.
  • Dazzle your neighbors with LED lightshow trees in your yard!
Battery Operated Warm White 5mm LED lights
Battery Operated LED Lights
  • LED lights extend battery life up 100 hours.
  • Choose from fairy lights, 5mm LED battery lights, and more.
  • Use LED battery powered lights in crafts, weddings, and holiday decor.