18' Warm White LED Rope Light, 2 Wire 1/2", 120 Volt

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Illuminate the night with warm white rope light! A perfect size for smaller projects, 18' LED rope light kits boast the same long lasting, weather resistant construction of larger spools with the convenience of being pre cut for plug and go lighting. Our LED concave interior bulb tip radiates light 120 degrees, giving you greater light coverage. LED rope light saves on energy, always remains cool to the touch, and lasts longer. Decorate windows, doors, walkways, and more with warm white rope light. Add other colors of LED rope light to cheer on sports teams or celebrate birthdays.

  • 18' length of Warm White LED rope light
  • 2-wire rope light, steady light display
  • End to end connectable up to 15 kits or 270 feet
  • IP65 rated rope light, providing superior dust and moisture ingress protection
  • 12 bulbs per foot for maximum brightness
  • One-year warranty based on 90-day seasonal use
  • LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, which saves you money
  • LED bulbs allow tubes to always remain cool to the touch, never radiating heat
  • Bulbs have an average lifetime of 100,000 hours
  • Lights and wire are enclosed in heavy duty PVC tubing for protection and flexibility
  • 18 foot pre-cut lengths of rope light are ideal for smaller projects, ready to plug in
  • 2-wire rope light is the most popular rope light for general and holiday lighting
  • Engineered for consistent lighting from first bulb to last so your lights maintain the same vibrancy throughout the entire tube
  • Use rope light for ambient lighting
  • Remove from spool before plugging in

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Reviewed by Wayne L.
on Friday, January 27, 2023

Warm White LED Rope Light, 120 Volt

I'm replacing an old incandescent rope light that was here when we bought the house. Several Sections of the old one had died out. The new LED rope light looks great and will use less energy.

Reviewed by Jerome T.
on Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Warm White LED Rope Light, 120 Volt

Listed as soft white, in my judgement bright and not at all soft. Hoped it would mimic incandescent soft with efficiency of LED but doesn't really come close.

Reviewed by Chris H.
on Saturday, January 08, 2022

Warm White LED Rope Light, 120 Volt

Advertising quality is easy; achieving it is not so easy. These lights hit quality on all points: 1. form fitting was easy with no package coil memory causing installation issues 2. color was crisp, bright and consistent with all the connected pieces 3. end to end connection was quick and easy 4. end to end connection perfectly waterproof surviving Florida sprinkler system dousing 5. clips held the lights very securely and were flexible; not prone to installation breaking we have decided to leave these lights up all year and have added to the x-mas install with more for general lighting. My only concern (time will tell) is how the plastic clips hold up to UV degradation in the Florida summer. I hope they are UV stabilized. these are necessarily small and took some trial and error to install. will consider other locations in the yard and would definitely use these lights again or the led equivalent.

Reviewed by Barbara B.
on Sunday, July 11, 2021

Warm White LED Rope Light, 120 Volt

These lights are nice, but I was hoping the warm lite LED would be closer to the look of incandescent lights with the energy saving of LED. They are too bright for me. I like the softer mood light of incandescent lighting, so I wish I would have ordered those instead. This is a personal opinion - there is nothing wrong with the lights.