Christmas Lights Visual Guide

This guide explores the visual differences found in the most popular Christmas light sizes and styles.

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Mar 10, 2020
Christmas Lights Guide

Christmas Light Bulbs

C7 & C9 light bulbs are the most widely recognized Christmas lights. C7 bulbs have E12 Candelabra bases while C9 bulbs have E17 Intermediate bases. Each bulb base should be paired with a light socket of the corresponding size.

Specialty Christmas Bulbs

If you're looking for a more unique light display outside of traditional C7 & C9 Christmas lights, consider these specialty LED bulb options. Falling Icicles and Cascade Light Tubes have animated effects to mimic falling snow and can be used with either E12 or E17 socket strings depending on their individual bulb base size.

Christmas Light Stringers

Common Christmas light string socket sizes include E12 Candelabra and E17 Intermediate sizes. E26 socket strings are the same size as what you will find in household lamp lighting. This larger socket size is popular for use with patio lights and larger specialty bulbs.

Prelamped LED Christmas Lights

Prelamped LED light strings have bulbs which are hardwired into the sockets and cannot be removed. LED mini string lights are most popular for wrapping trees, porches, and columns. C7 & C9 prelamped LED strings are commonly used for lining roofs and walkways.

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