Christmas Light Electrical Accessories

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A rioting mob of electrical cords and plug stacks strewn over your house and through your yard is a tripping hazard for Santa and the reindeer. Not to mention your family and friends. Plus, it just looks bad and often costs more money. Do what the professionals do and learn how to simply make your own custom christmas light strings and custom extension cords. Our Christmas light accessories may be just the solution you're looking for. They're your key to ultimate Christmas light freedom. And they're easier to use than you might think.

Bulk Christmas light electrical wire, also simply known as zip cord, along with zip sockets and zip plugs, are the building blocks you can fit together to create your own amazing custom Christmas light display. You decide how many lights you'll put up, where they'll go, which style, shape and color bulbs you'll use, and how to configure them -- with no wasted, leftover lights or wire, and no jungles of extension cords climbing to your rooftop. Just clean, beautiful light runs wherever you want them, and nowhere you don't.

Let's say you have a house with a right-angle garage, multiple roof lines, a couple of dormers and a portico. Trying to figure out how to outline that space with regular string lights is enough to turn you into the grinch. But with zip cord Christmas wire you can custom make your own string lights just the way you want them with exactly the space you need to perfectly fit your display.

If you're not doing a custom light display on your house, but doing displays around your yard, you can also create custom extension cords so that each display has a power source at exactly the length you need rather than having stacks of extension cords and plug adapters everywhere. Learn more about Christmas Light Wire and Zip Cord.

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