Christmas Window Lights

A house with twinkling window lights sets a cozy Christmas scene. Add in some freshly fallen snow and a fire crackling beyond the glass and it becomes perfectly picturesque.

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Aug 23, 2022
Christmas Window Lights

While we can't conjure up a winter wonderland for you (we really wish we could!), we can help you create a cozy vibe with Christmas window lights!

Popular Christmas Window Lights Ideas:

Christmas window lights can be displayed either on the inside or outside of your house and the installation method in both locations will be very similar. For most applications you'll need either adhesive or screw-in clips (your preference) to install the lights in your window, and that's pretty much it! It doesn't take a lot of time or many supplies to create window lights!

Adhesive Clips Tip: If you choose to use adhesive clips, we recommend testing the adhesive in an inconspicuous area to make sure it will come off of the surface cleanly. Most wood and smooth surfaces are fine, but we have seen clips stick stubbornly to some surfaces - so it's best to check before getting too far! If you're mounting lights outside, make sure any adhesive or sealants you use are outdoor rated.

Measuring for Window Lights: To avoid a lot of extra length that will need to be hidden, try to purchase light sets that are as close to your window size as you can. Take a long piece of string and tape it around your window in the same way you plan to install your lights. Then cut the string off wherever you want your lights to end. Carefully remove the string from the window and lay it flat to measure it. This will give you a close estimate of the length of lights you'll need.

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Christmas Window Lights
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Christmas Window Light Curtains

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