Christmas Star Lights

A Universe of Ideas

Decorating with Star Lights

Bring the beauty of the night skies a little closer to home this holiday season with Christmas star lights! Decorating with star lights isn't just for your outdoor spaces either, you can bring stars inside to create gorgeous ambient lighting in any room. Try a few of our decorating ideas below and visit our star lights decorating guide to create your own brilliantly illuminated starry night inside or out.

  • Hang star lights from tree branches
  • Display stars along the porch or in windows
  • Place a large lighted star on the roof
  • Hang a lighted star above your Christmas mantel
  • Mix star and snowflake lights to create a festive winter wonderland
  • Decorate a child's room with star string lights
  • Mix a few twinkle lights into your display to mimic the twinkling of stars in the sky
Star Christmas Lights Decorating Ideas

Cozy & Bright

White Star Lights

Star lights come in a variety of color options, but the most popular are warm white and cool white. The decision on which white hue to use simply comes down to preference and the color scheme for other decorations in your display.

Inviting and Ambient

Warm white LED and incandescent star lights give off a cozy glow that looks great indoors and outdoors. White star lights with warm hues are an excellent color complement when mixed with red bulbs or when used in displays with Christmas decorations featuring gold ornaments, ribbons and accents. Warm white star lights are also an ideal choice for ambient bedroom lighting.

Vivid and Bright

Cool White LED star lights have a bright white glow which is perfect for mixing with bold colors like green, blue and red. Cool white also coordinates well with silver accents and winter wonderland themed displays featuring snowflakes and icicle lights.