Christmas Snowflakes & Stars

Snowflake Christmas Lights

There are five main types of snowflake lights and each type comes in a variety of color options. Which one you choose will depend on your design and lighting preference!

  • Snowflake lights with reflective acrylic centers
  • Dimensional Snowflakes - can be hung or stand up on their own
  • Folding frame snowflakes with LED mini lights
  • Sturdy frame outlined with incandescent rope light
  • Sturdy frame outlined with LED rope light

Snowflake Light Colors

You might be surprised to find out that there are many snowflake colors available! Snowflake lights usually come in colors like cool white, warm white and blue, but there are also a few light color combinations like blue and cool white and warm white and cool white. The difference between warm white and cool white lighted snowflakes relates to color tone. Warm white tends to have a little more golden hue whereas cool white tends to have a bright, pure white hue. Depending on your display needs you can select the color tone that's right for you or choose a snowflake Christams light that features both of these shades of white to complement a variety of decorative styles.

Snowflake Light Colors & Types
Decorating Ideas with Snowflake Lights
Folding Snowflake & Star Tree Lights

Decorating with Snowflake Lights

Snowflake lights generally range in size from 20" - 48" which gives you an array of decorating options from large outdoor displays to indoor accents. Step into a winter wonderland every time you arrive home with a few of our favorite snowflake decoration ideas.

  • Secure Christmas snowflake lights to railings on the porch or front steps
  • Display snowflakes hanging across the porch or above the front entry way
  • Hang snowflake decorations on or above the front door
  • Lay outdoor snowflake lights flat or position them upright on top of your roof
  • Attach snowflake Christmas lights to your front gate and fence
  • Hang snowflake & star lights from tree branches to create a bright light canopy
  • Place a snowflake decoration above the mantel
  • Decorate a winter event with lighted snowflakes hanging from the ceiling or attached to walls

Folding Snowflake Lights

Where to store your decorations can become a real dilemma when planning your holiday display, especially if you live in a smaller residence such as an apartment, condo or townhome where storage space may be limited. If you want to create a dazzling light display but are struggling with what to do with your decorations once the season is over, you will love our folding snowflake & star lights! These decorations fold down to a quarter of their original size and can be stored in stacks, perfect for freeing up room in drawers, shelves and storage containers!