Displays That Shimmer - Decorating with Star Lights

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Mar 11, 2021

Christmas Star Lights

Each type of star light has its own unique beauty and distinguishing characteristics. Some star lights can fold up for easy storage, some look just as amazing during the day as they do at night, and others can even be embellished or painted to make a design that is completely your own. This guide will introduce you to the different types of Christmas star lights and provide decorating inspiration for Christmas and year round enjoyment.

They're bright, lined with long lasting LED lights and they fold up for easy storage! These 2D star designs with open centers look beautiful hung from tree branches or across the porch and can also be placed on flat surfaces like walls and slanted roof tops. Folding star lights are available in 32" & 45" sizes as well as giant 8' and 10' options.

Star Lights Fold Up in 3 Easy Steps!

Almost two hundred years ago the Moravian Star design was born as the result of a school craft project. Needless to say, this beautiful star light has come a long way from its humble paper and glue beginnings. There are many types of moravian star lights including moravian style fold flat Aurora Superstars™ and moravian stars with removable twist-in spires.

Traditional Moravian star lights used for indoor or outdoor Christmas decorating are typically made of plastic. Each star has a hub which the spires can be twisted into. These stars are lit from the inside. They are available in a variety of colors and can also be customized with multiple spire color combinations. Some popular ideas for color combinations include mixing the spires from solid red and white moravian stars to create a Christmas themed display or combining the spires of purple and gold or amber stars together for Halloween. You could also hang solid red, white and blue moravian stars side by side or mix the spires together to create three patriotic themed decorative lights.

The delicate beauty of paper lanterns meets durable and lightweight polypropylene to create stunning Aurora Superstars. Display Aurora star lights indoors or out and when you're ready to put them away, just fold them flat for convenient storage! You can even write on or paint Aurora Superstars to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Bethlehem Christmas Star Light Decoration Hanging in a Tree

These stars arrive with the fabric already attached to the frame. Just fold it open in one easy step, zip the fabric closed, and your star decoration is ready to hang. When you're done, just fold these stars closed and pack them away easily in storage until next year.

Star String Lights & Standing Decorations

Star String Lights - String lights with star shaped adornments are popular for use as bedroom lights and as a decorative addition to Christmas trees. Star string lights are available in a variety of colors and designs including glass, metal or acrylic stars and battery operated string lights.

Dimensional Star Motifs - A translucent covering of acrylic fibers wraps this sturdy star frame, and brilliant LED lights shine from within to create a multidimensional decoration that looks great from the front and back. Dimemsional stars can be displayed hanging or standing upright on the ground.

Commercial Christmas Star Lights

Ultimate Moravian - Commercial grade ultimate moravian stars are capable of thousands of color combination and are controlled using a remote with color wheel touch technology. These show stopping star lights are designed to hang or sit at an angle and are perfect for use in business settings and large scale holiday displays.

Star Christmas Tree Toppers - A classic complement to any tree, Star toppers are beautiful and eye catching decorations. Star tree toppers are available for residential and giant commercial Christmas trees. Some change colors to create a dynamic light display, while others feature faceted pendants that amplify the light within and create a shimmering display.

Star Lights Decorating Ideas

Decorating with star lights goes far beyond Christmas. These beautiful lights are perfect for a variety of occasions from birthdays to special events, casual gatherings and even every day ambient lighting. Decorate with one star light style or several different types, and mix in other lighted decorations to create festive and fun displays.

  • Hang a mixture of star lights, snowflake decorations and Christmas light balls from tree branches or across the porch to create a winter wonderland inspired scene
  • Hang lighted star decorations in a nursery or children's room as a fun and creative nightlight or ambient room light. We really love this idea for any room in the house!
  • Aurora Superstars™ are a perfect craft project for a kid's birthday party! Have guests paint or draw on their star with markers, then they can take their special creation home as a party favor!
  • Create a patriotic light display with red, white and blue star lights. Play with textures in your holiday displays by mixing in coordinating light balls in different sizes.
  • Place star lights on a slanted roof or attach them to a fence or across porch and stair railings.
  • Hang a lighted star on the front door or above the mantel for a fun alternative to the Christmas wreath.
  • Create a breathtaking canopy of light by hanging star light decorations in the ceiling of a special event venue or above a dance floor

White Christmas Star Lights

Star light decorations are available in a large selection of color options with the most common being warm white and cool white. Deciding which white hue to use in your Christmas light display ultimately comes down to personal preference, but there are a few situations where you may want one white tone over the other. Warm white LED and incandescent star lights give off a cozy glow whereas cool white LED star lights produce a bright white glow. Both color options look great outdoors. However, if you would like to decorate with star lights indoors, warm white will complement the golden tones which are common in indoor ambient lighting, whereas cool white lights might be a bit too bright. Both hues mix well with red, however cool white LED lights are perfect if you want to mix bold colors like green or blue into your Christmas light display.

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