Displays That Shimmer - Decorating with Star Lights

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Feb 28, 2022

Christmas Star Lights

They're bright, lined with long lasting LED lights and they fold up for easy storage! These 2D star designs with open centers look beautiful hung from tree branches or across the porch and can also be placed on flat surfaces like walls and slanted roof tops. Folding star lights are available in 32" & 45" sizes as well as giant 8' and 10' options.

Star Lights Fold Up in 3 Easy Steps!

Bethlehem Christmas Star Light Decoration Hanging in a Tree

These stars arrive with the fabric already attached to the frame. Just fold it open in one easy step, zip the fabric closed, and your star decoration is ready to hang. When you're done, just fold these stars closed and pack them away easily in storage until next year.

Star String Lights & Standing Decorations

Commercial Christmas Star Lights

Star Lights Decorating Ideas

Decorating with star lights goes far beyond Christmas. These beautiful lights are perfect for a variety of occasions from birthdays to special events, casual gatherings and even every day ambient lighting. Decorate with one star light style or several different types, and mix in other lighted decorations to create festive and fun displays.

White Christmas Star Lights

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