Moravian Stars

Moravian Star Lights

Moravian stars are a popular and beautiful Christmas decoration, but what you may not know is that they have a rich history as well! The moravian star originated in Germany in the 1830s as a craft project which was intended to teach geometry to students at the Moravian school. The paper and glue star-shaped polyhedron design was eventually adopted by the Moravian Church as a representation of the star of Bethlehem and was also used to decorate the first documented Christmas Tree at Williamsburg, Virginia in 1842. Moravian stars have come along way from their humble paper beginnings and can now be found in a variety of colors, styles and materials.

Moravian Star Light
Moravian Star With Twist In Spires
Moravian Star Light
Fold-Flat Moravian Light
Ultimate Moravian Star Light
Ultimate Moravian Star Light

Moravian Stars with Twist-In Spires

Traditional decorative Moravian star lights used for indoor or outdoor Christmas decorating are typically made of plastic. Each star has a hub which the spires can be twisted into. These stars are lit from the inside. They are available in a variety of colors and can also be customized with multiple spire color combinations. Some popular ideas for color combinations include mixing the spires from solid red and white moravian stars to create a Christmas themed display or combining the spires of purple and gold or amber stars together for Halloween. You could also hang solid red, white and blue moravian stars side by side or mix the spires together to create three patriotic themed decorative lights.

Aurora Superstar Fold Flat Moravian Lights

These Moravian star lights are amazing because they are fully outdoor rated, they come in sizes of 17", 24" and a notably large 30" and they completely fold flat when you're done. They are made of durable but lightweight polypropylene, open large, look beautiful and store amazingly small. You can even write or paint on the surface of these star lights to make your own unique designs. Use Aurora Moravian star lights inside or out for the same delicate-looking beauty of paper lanterns. Battery-powered LED lights provide the inner glow that brings them to life. Great for kid's crafts, holiday parties, outdoor lighting and all Christmas decor.

Ultimate Moravian Stars

This is a moravian star like you've never seen before! The Wintergreen Lighting Ultimate Moravian Star™ is capable of thousands of color combinations and looks absolutely stunning. Ultimate Moravian stars are controlled using a remote with color wheel touch capability to create an eye catching focal point for a variety of settings. Display the Ultimate Moravian Star in commercial business settings, event venues or residential spaces as holiday or decorative lighting. The star is designed to be hung or to be placed on the ground at an angle for a centerpiece display.