5 Fun Outdoor Light Ideas for Summer

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Apr 13, 2022
Star Decoration Backyard Lighting Ideas

Create your paradise with palm tree lights

You don't have to live in a tropical climate to enjoy palm trees, but if you just happen to, these palm tree lights will fit in perfectly with your ocean view too! We're seeing faux palm trees with lights popping up everywhere, from patios to pool decks, and even near backyard fire pits! Wherever you place a palm tree, the result will be a little slice of paradise right in your own backyard.

Palm Tree Backyard Lighting Ideas
Relax Under The Glow Of Curved Palm Trees

Hang patio lights the easy way

Patio lights look beautiful hanging above an outdoor space, but installing poles can take a lot of planning and effort if you don't already have a high enough structure to hang them from. If you're short on time or want something a little more simple for your outdoor area, there are plenty of ways to hang patio lights without stretching them out overhead! If you have existing outdoor structures like a gazebo, pool bar, deck, or treehouse, you can easily attach patio lights using screw-in hooks or tie-it-alls around railings. But the easiest way to hang patio lights is along a fence, or between shepherd's hooks! Use clear or white globe lights for a welcoming glow and multicolor satin bulbs to add a splash of color to outdoor settings.

Globe Lights Hanging Across a Backyared Fence
Hang Patio Lights Along a Fence to Illuminate Outdoor Dining Areas
Backyard Lighting Ideas: Patio Lights Hanging on Shepherds Hooks
Patio Lights Hanging on Shepherds Hooks

Hang star lights from tree branches

We love the idea of wrapping trees with lights any time of year, but hanging star lights in backyard trees during the summer might be our favorite outdoor lighting trend yet! Star light decorations are a brilliant addition to backyard parties and can even stay up all season to add a festive atmosphere in your outdoor living area any time you like!

Aurora Superstar Lights Hanging from Tree Branches
Aurora Superstar Lights Hanging from Tree Branches
Cozy Backyard Reading Spot with Star Lights!
Cozy Backyard Reading Spot with Star Lights!

Make garden beds glow with fairy globe pathway lights

This fresh, warm-weather take on traditional Christmas pathway lights is a whole, magical mood! Globe light bulbs are most often seen in patio lighting, but when you flip them upside down and stake them into the ground, the result is really fun, whimsical lighting that's perfect for the backyard or garden. You can buy stakes that will let you install almost any patio lights you like along pathways, but this set of fairy globe pathway lights with the stakes already included is incredibly convenient and our absolute favorite outdoor light idea for adding a gorgeous glow to the garden in summer time!

Garden Lighting Ideas: Illuminate Pathways with Fairy Globe Lights
Garden Flower Beds Lined with Fairy Globe Lights

Keep the party going all night with rope light

Rope light is the flexible, versatile outdoor landscape light you never knew you needed until now! These rope light kits are 18 feet long and include mounting clips which are perfect for installing the lights under wooden deck railings and other surfaces. You can use the included screws to hold the clips in place or secure them with an outdoor rated adhesive if preferred. For lining pathways and garden flower beds with rope light we recommend using fabric and garden staples which can be bought online and at most home improvement stores. This Outdoor Lighting Ideas Using Rope Light article has even more tips on installing rope light outdoors if you're interested!

Rope Light Deck Lighting Ideas
Rope Light Wrapped Around Deck Railings
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