Lighted Palm Trees

  • Available in 3 heights
  • Indoor / Outdoor Covered Rated
  • Includes remote control
  • Available in 3 heights
  • Indoor / Outdoor Covered Rated
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed for small spaces
  • Indoor / Outdoor Rated
  • Unique bottle shape
  • Lifelike design, available in 3 heights
  • Steel mast construction
  • Hardwire install, no plugs

Elevate your ambiance with a captivating LED lighted palm tree decoration. Infuse a touch of the tropics into any setting and illuminate your space in style. Energy efficient lights cast a mesmerizing glow that effortlessly sets the mood. Transform this tropical gem into a stunning Christmas decoration by adorning it with ornaments and festive decor, infusing your holidays with a unique and unforgettable flair. LED lighted palm trees can also be taken outdoors for temporary use during parties and events as long as they're protected from moisture and rain. Whether it's a lively celebration, a tropical-themed event, or a joyful Christmas display, LED lighted palm trees stand as the epitome of versatile and captivating decor.

Transform your space into a tropical oasis with rope light LED palm trees! Elevate your decor with the perfect blend of commercial-grade durability and vibrant aesthetics. Crafted with energy-efficient LED lights, it radiates a warm and inviting glow perfect for any occassion. Holographic fronds provide a playful take on the traditional faux palm tree design. Rope light palm trees are incredibly popular as party decorations and add a lively atmosphere to tiki bars or themed game rooms.