Net Lights Installation Guide

Like wrapping your bushes and trees in a big, bright hug; net lights are the quick and simple solution to your outdoor landscape lighting needs!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Nov 17, 2022
Christmas and Year Round Ideas for Decorating With Net Lights

What are net lights?

Tips for Wrapping Bushes with Net Lights

The beauty of net lights is the hassle free installation process. You can create uniform light patterns quickly, or make your lighting look random with just a few adjustments. Follow the advice below based on your type of bushes and desired effect to ensure your net lights installation process is a cinch!

General Net Light Installation

Tips for Wrapping Bushes with Net Lights

Cone Shaped Bushes

How to Wrap Cone Shaped Bushes With Net Lights and Ribbon Lights

Creating Bush Lights with a Pattern

The structured grid pattern design of net lights is very convenient for decorators who desire clean, uniform lighting. If your goal is the same, a few preparatory steps taken before you begin wrapping your bushes will guarantee a flawless finish. Start by laying the net lights side by side on the ground in front of your bushes in the direction that you plan to place them.

To create a uniform grid you will want to check that all of the vertical and horizontal strings are lined up across each net light. Take care to keep each net light facing the same direction as the one before it when wrapping your bushes and avoid overlap as much as possible to prevent a heavy concentration of lights in some areas.

Net Lights on Bushes
Uniform Light Pattern

Themed Net Light Colors

Red and Cool White

Red and Green

Blue and Cool White

Net Lights for Light Wrapped Trees

String Lights, The Original Net Light

Cone Shaped Bushes Wrapped With String Lights
Cone Shaped Bushes Wrapped With String Lights
Trees Wrapped with String Lights to Create an Electric Forest on Halloween!
String Light Wrapped Trees on Halloween
String Lights Pushed into Bushes to Create an Inviting Glow from Within
String Lights Placed Inside Bushes
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