C7 Warm White LED Christmas Replacement Bulbs

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LED Technology Dimmable

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  • C7 Warm White LED Christmas Lights
  • Warm white LED lights cast a soft glow
  • Brighter bulbs feature increased diode counts
  • 7/8" diameter bulb, constructed with durable acrylic plastic - will never fade, peel or crack
  • Low watt LED bulbs save energy and last longer
  • Long lasting bulb life: 60,000 average hours
  • Nickel base prevents corrosion
  • Dimmable bulbs replace older non-dimmable technology with brighter solid state reliability and the ability to produce dramatic light sequences when used with a controller
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    5 Stars

    Reviewed by Terence C.
    on Saturday, December 15, 2012

    Dimmable C7 LED White replacement lights

    These dimmables are fantastic! I've purchased many other LED Christmas bulbs from Christmas Lights Etc in the past and have been very pleased with all my purchases. Now all outdoor lights, indoor 12' tree, 9' tree, 6' tree, numerous garlands and incidentals are all lit with these. Thank you for the energy savings!

    5 Stars

    Reviewed by Beverly W.
    on Friday, January 17, 2014

    C7 Warm White LED Bulbs - Very durable and bright

    I used these in stringers on the ground and on the gutter. They are very durable. My pre-teen grandsons set them up and there were no cracks or breakage. The color is a nice warm white, but yet bright enough for a great show.

    4 Stars

    Reviewed by Judith M.
    on Friday, January 17, 2014

    C7 Warm White Replacement Bulbs

    These dimmable LED bulbs are a huge improvement over the previous version. I use them in light-sensor window candles and the very annoying buzzing and flickering of non-dimmables is gone. I have an old Victorian home with 45 windows so the efficiency of LEDs is important to me. The reason for only a 4-star review is that the color is still a bit off, almost a little greenish compared to a true warm white. Much better than what passed for warm white a few years ago, but still not yellowish enough.

    4 Stars

    Reviewed by Judith M.
    on Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Great bulbs but color not quite right

    These are a big improvement over the sickly-blue LEDs. The dimmable feature is crucial to me since I use them in light-sensor window candles. The non-dimmable LEDs flickered and buzzed. My only complaint is that the color isn't quite right. It's better than the usual cool blue, but it's a little too greenish to pass for a true warm white. When you're using these as a replacement for incandescent bulbs in candelabras, the color difference is obvious.