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FlexFilament LED Light Bulbs

C7 & C9 FlexFilament® LED Christmas Light Bulbs

FlexFilament LED Christmas light bulbs are designed with a curved filament which can be seen through a transparent bulb lens. This popular line of LED Christmas lights closely mimcs the look of vintage visible-filament incandescent bulbs that have been loved by holiday decorators for generations. In addition to being visually striking, these bulbs are technogically advanced, energy efficient, & last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Hang C7 & C9 FlexFilament LED Christmas light bulbs along your roof, walkways, and around the tree to for a timeless glow that will last many seasons.

FlexFilament LED Christmas Light Bulbs

FlexFilament® LED Globe & Party Light Bulbs

FlexFilament LED Patio bulbs are available in glass & shatterproof options for outdoor use. Choose between several large globe light sizes and more traditional Edison light bulb shapes in a variety of colors & finishes to create visually stunning outdoor light displays. Flexfilament LED patio lights are a beautiful addition to your backyard, garden, parties, & events.

FlexFilament LED Globe Lights
FlexFilament LED Party Lights

FlexFilament® LED Edison Light Bulbs

Edison light bulbs are iconic, beautiful, and now last way longer than the original! FlexFilament LED Edison bulbs give off a warm, inviting light that creates a cozy ambience indoors. Place Edison LED light bulbs inside of any lamp with a standard E26 socket just like you would a traditional light bulb. The magic of FlexFilament LED Edison lights is in the visible, intricately curved filaments. These bulbs were meant to be seen & not shaded!

FlexFilament LED Edison Lights
FlexFilament LED Light Bulbs

Vintage Inspired, Beautiful Lighting

FlexFilament LED light bulbs capture the timeless beauty of Edison style visible filament bulbs while also providing the benefits of long lasting, energy efficient LED technology. Whether decorating for the holidays, outdoor entertaining, or everyday indoor lighting, you can now enjoy the iconic beauty of Edison style lights without concern for bulb-burnout or high power bills.

FlexFilament LED Christmas Lights